Movie review: My Dirtiest Fantasy: Sucker Fucker

my dirtiest fantasy, sucker fucker, Taylor Blaze, Jake Stark, Dominique Kenique, Ashton Bradley, Xavier Sibley, bondage, twink, threeway, handjob, milking, gay, blowjob, barebackMy Dirtiest Fantasy (MDF) is all about bringing guys’ fantasies to life and putting the action on camera. In My Dirtiest Fantasy: Sucker Fucker, we meet a sweet-faced, blond twink named Taylor Blaze who has such a deep craving for cock that he’s willing to give his body to anything that MDF can throw at him for 24 hours. Basing the action on what he desires, the moviemakers blindfold Taylor and let four men have their way with him.

Taylor is a webcam model and nightclub employee from Russia. After a friend in St. Petersburg told him about MDF, Taylor sought them out. He believed—correctly—that his fantasies would be of interest to others who are into the same thing. Taylor is driven to a house where he’s blindfolded at the door and locked in for the 24-hour fuck fest.

In the first scene Taylor meets Jake Stark, a Spanish twink with dark blond hair, who kisses and strips him slowly with a hungry look in his eyes. Jake sits on the couch stroking Taylor’s head as the blindfolded submissive nuzzles his nuts, pulls off his briefs, and starts to suck his cock. After enjoying the oral attention sitting down for several minutes, Jake stands so he can thrust into that hungry mouth. Taylor proves to be a talented blowjob enthusiast and the close-ups in this oral-only scene are truly stimulating.

Still blindfolded, Taylor is led out to the pool where toned, hairy Dominique Kenique is lounging in nothing but his boots. Dominique scoots to the end of the lounge chair and fondles the twink’s ass and chest. He pulls off Taylor’s jockstrap, caresses his genitals, and pulls him down for a kiss. The two of them suck face until Taylor starts worshipping Dominique’s daddy cock. Eventually Dominique gets Taylor down on all fours so he can taste that twink ass while reaching between the boy’s legs and stroking his cock. During the slow, sensual rimming, Dominique gets so aroused that he pauses to stroke his cock between Taylor’s feet. When he can’t hold off another minute, Dominique straddles the lounge chair and slowly penetrates Taylor’s spit-lubed hole. Progressing from doggy to cowboy to missionary, Dominique varies the speed and intensity as he fucks Taylor with passion. He uses that twink ass and sends him on his way.

Taylor is led into a bedroom where Ashton Bradley is already fondling Xavier Sibley’s cock and kissing him as Xavier lies on the bed. When Taylor enters the room, Ashton shoves him face-down onto the bed and buries his face between those firm ass cheeks. He eagerly chows down on Taylor’s pucker while Xavier watches, slowly playing with himself through his briefs. Ashton’s cock pokes out from his own briefs as he grows harder. Finally he pushes his raging erection inside Taylor’s wet hole and pounds him into the mattress. Xavier joins them on the bed so that Ashton can move from one to the other. Later, Ashton stacks Xavier on top of Taylor so he can swap holes more easily.

After the threeway, Ashton takes Taylor into the kitchen where all the guys from previous scenes are waiting. They lay Taylor out on the kitchen island and rub him down with some lube, four pairs of hands stroking and fondling his body. Ashton and Dominique each suck Taylor’s cock. After milking a big load out of Taylor, Ashton drips some of it into Taylor’s mouth and Dominique kisses him to taste it. The guys leave Taylor on the table, panting, naked, and blindfolded. Afterward, the guy who let Taylor into the house and led him from scene to scene returns to remove the blindfold, leaving him the only guy in the place that Taylor has actually seen.

After a shower and a naked nap by the pool, Taylor has recovered enough for another quick interview. Getting massaged and milked on the kitchen island was his favorite part, he says. Not only were his fantasies fulfilled, but he also discovered some new ones! We might be seeing more of Taylor at MDF.

My Dirtiest Fantasy: Sucker Fucker is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Taylor Blaze   Jake Stark   Ashton Bradley   Xavier Sibley   Dominique Kenique
Studio Name:   Staxus  My Dirtiest Fantasy 

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