Movie Review: My Straight Roommate 13

str8 bait, my straight roommate 13, driveshaft, gay, porn, Leon Knight, Emanuel Brazzo, Michael Angelo, Shane Frost, Trent Diesel, Matthew Rodriguez, Morgan Shades, Mitch VaughnDriveshaft returns with My Straight Roommate 13, another collection of scenes featuring horny guys waking their sleeping housemates up for some fun.

Mitch Vaughn enters the living room where his roommate, Trent Diesel, is sleeping in his underwear. Slowly Mitch strokes his tool and approaches the futon. He stands above Trent, admiring him for a moment, before taking Trent’s hand and rubbing himself with it. Mitch slides his own hand under Trent’s briefs to feel his ass and gets on top of him to dry hump him. Trent doesn’t wake up when Mitch pulls his underwear off and starts to lick his asshole with his pierced tongue. Finally, as Mitch deep-throats Trent, it’s obvious that Trent is awake and has probably been pretending to sleep so he could lie back and enjoy. Mitch takes out his own cock for Trent to suck. After this long, sensual trading of oral favors, Mitch plunges his cock into Trent’s waiting hole. We get a good angle of the penetration that shows us Mitch’s pierced taint (a guiche piercing, if you’re into the body modification lingo). Later, Trent jerks a load out of his cock while riding Mitch in reverse cowboy. Mitch pulls out and shoots his wad along Trent’s ass and thigh, getting some on himself as well.

Morgan Shades wakes up in bed, which is next to Matthew Rodriguez’s bed, and starts to masturbate while looking at his sleeping roommate. Soon Morgan pulls out Matthews’s uncut dick and starts to play with it, savoring the feel and taste. After a while, Morgan is on top of Matthew in the bed and stroking both of their cocks together. When Morgan pulls off Matthew’s socks, Matthew turns over in his sleep, granting access to his tasty asshole. Finally, Matthew wakes up and the roommates kiss as Morgan slowly jerks Matthew’s meat. Matthew lazily plays with Morgan’s dick when Morgan starts to blow him. Then Morgan fucks Matthew in several positions, with Matthew eventually cumming on Morgan’s torso while riding him in cowboy position. Morgan aims his load up the length of Matthew’s abs and chest.

As Michael Angelo sleeps, his roommate Shane Frost stands in the doorway, jerking his cock and making it jump, playing with his pre-cum. (The camera captures this at the same angle as the iconic leg shot of Mrs. Robinson from the movie poster for The Graduate.) Shane moves in to fondle the snoozing Michael’s legs and ass, and then pulls his underwear down. Kneeling on the bed over Michael’s perfect bubble butt, Shane slowly masturbates and then bends down to kiss his ass cheeks. Michael is waking up, but he’s putting up no resistance as Shane strips him. Shane wets Michael’s hole and explores it with his hand. After some lip-smacking kisses and cock stroking, Shane pushes his cock into Michael’s hole as Michael lies on his stomach. They fuck in spoons, doggy, missionary, and more.

Emanuel Brazzo catches his roommate Leon Knight sleeping, so he decides to stand in the doorway and admire him from afar while rubbing his cock, thinking about fucking him. Finally, Emanuel decides that thinking about it isn’t enough and goes to cop a feel, and then some. Leon sleeps through his roommate unsheathing him from his cotton blanket and kissing his nipple, ear, and neck. When Emanuel fondles Leon’s cock and pulls down his underwear, Leon stirs, but in spite of his cock’s growth in Emanuel’s mouth, Leon is still asleep. Emanuel gets both of them naked from the waist down, pausing to admire Leon and worship his feet. Leon finally wakes up after Emanuel has orally probed his asshole, ready to suck Emanuel’s cock and get anally fucked in an array of positions for the deepest penetration.

You’d never know these guys were str8! My Straight Roommate 13 from Driveshaft is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Leon Knight   Emanuel Brazzo   Michael Angelo   Shane Frost   Trent Diesel   Matthew Rodriguez   Morgan Shades   Mitch Vaughn
Studio Name:   Driveshaft  My Straight Roommate

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