Movie Review: Next Door Ebony’s “Big Dick Brothas”

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Bam Bam and XL are up first. They’ve hooked up before and it’s always a transcendental experience for both of them. Nothing takes them higher than the taste and feel of each other. As their lips press together in hungry kisses, so too do their growing erections rub together, separated only by their underwear. XL kneels and slowly pulls down Bam Bam’s underwear to unleash his thick hard-on. Looking into Bam Bam’s eyes, XL engulfs that dick with his mouth. After some more hot kissing, Bam Bam lavishes attention on XL’s big cock and tight pucker with his tongue. Once XL’s all wet and ready, Bam Bam lifts him up, smacks his dick against his asshole, and then pushes inside him. XL takes it missionary style and facedown, and later gets his chance to fuck Bam Bam in return. Their flip-flop ends in huge loads for both of them.

Damian Flexxx is the hot, ripped new trainer at Caleb King and Osiris Blade’s gym, and he’s got every man there eager to sign up for private sessions. While helping Osiris work his chest, Damian puts his package right up against Osiris’ face. Caleb correctly assumes that this is a green light for a threeway, and the two clients soon get Damian naked. Lucky Caleb is the first one to blow Damian. While he’s at it, he sucks Osiris too. Damian offers his asshole for Caleb to eat and is rewarded with Caleb’s enthusiastic rimming skills. Meanwhile, Osiris gets to work on sucking Caleb’s cock. The three of them switch places and enjoy other oral configurations to get themselves completely warmed up and ready to fuck, because every good trainer knows that a warmup is necessary before a workout. Damian slides his steel-hard cock into Osiris’ snug hole while Caleb skull-fucks Osiris. Later it’s Caleb’s turn to fuck Osiris’ ass. Finally, Caleb bottoms for both of his clients. It looks like Damian’s employment at this gym is going to be a huge success for everyone!

Tyce Jax has been napping while King B takes a shower before they get on with their day. But when King emerges, still a little damp, all he’s got on his mind is fucking his sleepy companion. He wakes Tyce by licking his nipple and kissing his way down his stomach, and while he’s down there, King greedily slurps up that stiff dick. Tyce does the same for King, and prepares his asshole with some lusty tongue action as well. Then Tyce pushes his dick inside King’s hole and soon starts to pound him hard. After a while, Tyce lets King have his turn as the top. King licks and sticks Tyce’s hole with such intensity you could understandably lose your load long before the cum-splashing conclusion.

Back for more from their first scene together, XL and Bam Bam each have their way with other hot brothas.

XL and Jin Powers hook up in a park, leading to wine and kisses in Jin’s apartment. Soon they’re tasting each other’s raging hard-ons, and finally they take this party to Jin’s bed where they flip flop, XL taking the lead as the top. Their fucking is so deep, so romantic, that it’s easy to imagine this won’t be their last time together.

Bam Bam, on the other hand, is back to enjoy some bedtime sex with his real-life boyfriend, Krave Moore. Krave is just tired and ready to sleep at first, but Bam Bam’s oral attentions soon have him wide awake. They sixty-nine each other, then Bam Bam lies back and enjoys Krave’s eager sucking. It gets Krave worked up enough to mount his boyfriend and bounce up and down on his dick. Later, they swap places and it’s Bam Bam’s turn to take it from Krave.

Big Dick Brothas is streaming in high definition on AEBN.

Stars:   Bam Bam   XL   King B.   Osiris Blade   Jin Powers   Krave Moore   Caleb King   Tyce Jax   Damian Flexxx
Studio Name:   Next Door Ebony

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