Movie Review: Plowed and Filled

plowed and filled, eric raw, ericvideos, eric paris, David Andrzej, Dani Robles, Teddy Torres, Rocco XXL, Kamel, Milan, Yanni, Mehdi, DarkoEricVideos and director Eric Paris have come up with four inventive scenarios for bareback hookups, presented for your wanking enjoyment in Plowed and Filled.

First up, we see Teddy Torres open his door and his holes to Dani Robles, who plays with his ass before binding and blindfolding him. After a while, Dani removes Teddy’s restraints so they can flip-fuck. Dani has something special for his furry fuck buddy and it’s twice as nice, because where there is one load there is soon another. There’s a reason these two guys have such big fan bases, and seeing them together is truly not to be missed.

Milan falls asleep with his door unlocked one night, which turns out to be a great mistake when Rocco XXL comes to find him. Rocco fucked Milan a few days ago and he wants another round. Somehow Rocco has found Milan’s address, and when he gets there, he finds Milan fast asleep. That’s not going to stop this horny top from getting what he wants! Milan gets a fun kind of rude awakening, and the two hairy, swarthy lookalike studs have an intense, furtive fuck that will make Milan check his locks twice from now on… unless he’s looking for more of the same. Rocco leaves him gaping and rubs cum into Milan’s beard before he leaves.

Mehdi meets David Andrejz on the subway, where they scope each other out without a word. David gets off the train at his stop and Mehdi follows. The men walk to a vacant industrial area and find a good spot that is just slightly hidden from view so that David can sink his thick eight inches into Mehdi’s hungry hole. Afterward, Mehdi greedily licks up the seed that dripped onto the sheet under their knees and then sucks David’s dick clean.

Yanni (nope, not the musician) and Darko (nope, not Donnie) are in a gritty basement hallway, where they suck each other’s cocks and Darko bends Yanni up against the wall to eat his ass. Darko fucks Yanni in a variety of positions before feeding the greedy bottom a thick load of jizz. They demonstrate some impressive physical prowess in such a tight space, especially the flexible Yanni.

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Stars:   David Andrzej   Dani Robles   Teddy Torres   Rocco XXL   Kamel   Milan   Yanni   Mehdi   Darko
Studio Name:   EricVideos

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