Movie Review: “Quick, Fuck Me Raw,” Next Door Raw

quick fuck me raw, next door raw, gay, porn, gabriel cross, chris blades, scotty zee, ty thomas, markie more, christian bay, mickey junior, drake riley, barebackNext Door Raw’s stimulating bareback offerings continue with Quick, Fuck Me Raw, a collection of four scenes that will have you reaching for a towel.

Sweet-faced stud Gabriel Cross is browsing a hookup app, and as he’s texting with sexy Chris Blades he strokes his stiffening cock inside his shorts. Gabriel knows that this is his chance to fuck somebody hotter than his boyfriend. Chris comes right over. As soon as Gabriel answers the door, Chris pins him against the wall with urgent kisses. Gabriel drops to his knees, slurps that dick, and lets Chris skull fuck him. Chris gets Gabriel’s pucker wet with his tongue and then pushes his dick inside, grabbing Gabriel’s waist for leverage as he pounds harder and faster. They flip-flop and Gabriel fucks a big load right out of Chris. After Gabriel jizzes, he slides his cummy cock back into Chris’ hole. In the end, they plan to meet again after Gabriel dumps his boyfriend.

Going for a run gives Scotty Zee an excuse to cruise while staying in shape, and he’s especially interested in Ty Thomas, a blond stud he’s seen at the park. They get even more exercise after Scotty shoots Ty some meaningful looks and leads him back to his place. After entering the house without a word, Ty kisses and gropes Scotty up against a wall. Ty kneels and starts to suck Scotty’s hard cock. Then he spins Scotty around and eats his hole before whispering into Scotty’s ear that he’s going to fuck him raw. Ty plunges balls deep into Scotty, who pushes back against him. Eventually Scotty wants some of Ty’s ass and finds out that the stranger bottoms as well as he tops. When he’s just about ready to pop, Scotty decides that he wants to climax with Ty’s still hard, wet dick inside him. He rides Ty till he cums all over the floor, and then gets on all fours so Ty can blast his face with jizz. Scotty slurps up every drop of Ty’s seed and they make plans to “go running” again tomorrow.

Markie More encounters the boss’s son, Christian Bay, at the company gym. Usually he has the place to himself, but he tries to make conversation with Christian. The cocky college boy is used to getting what he wants, so when Markie turns down his offer of some “hard cardio” out of fear for his job, Christian’s seduction routine shifts easily into blackmail. Markie is sure that he can’t win, but he’s not going to go easy on Christian. Markie shoves Christian down and sticks his cock down the fratboy’s throat. Far from being intimidated or put off, Christian enjoys sex even more when it’s rough. He loves every moment as Markie eats his hole and pounds him raw up against the pull-up machine. Markie flips Christian into missionary position. After Christian cums on himself, Markie pulls out and jizzes on the outside of Christian’s hole. He uses his own cum to help him slide back into the boy’s hole for some more thrusts.

Mickey Junior has dozed off by the pool and is in for a world of hurt as soon as the sunburn hits him. Eager for an excuse to cop a feel, Drake Riley offers to rub some aloe on Mickey’s skin. Drake flips Mickey over to rub the backs of his legs and works his way higher up the thighs. Drake wants to grab each of Mickey’s butt cheeks and stick his tongue between them, and after a minute he can’t resist anymore. Mickey’s eyes fly open and he stares at Drake, who practically dares him to say “stop.” As Mickey hesitates in answering, Drake decides that this is a green light. He works his tongue into Mickey’s ass and makes him giddy with pleasure. Soon Mickey is all the way into it, kissing his way up and down Drake’s body and orally worshipping his cock. He begs for Drake to fuck him. In response, Drake bends Mickey over and thrusts into him raw. You can see Mickey’s never been stretched like this! Drake lets Mickey get used to it before picking up the pace. While Drake hammers his hole, Mickey jerks off onto his own chest. Drake pulls out and finishes by fucking Mickey’s mouth. He soothes the sunburn on Mickey’s face with his spunk.

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Stars:   Gabriel Cross   Chris Blades   Mickey Junior   Ty Thomas   Drake Riley   Markie More   Scotty Zee   Christian Bay
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw 

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