Movie Review: “Ravaged Raw Holes,” Raw Strokes

ravaged raw holes, raw strokes, Mr. Marky, Knockout, Jaylen Frost, Julius Caesar, Cutler X, Deep Dicc, Mr. Cali, Ray Mannix, Tigger Redd, LeonardoRaw Strokes is known for its no-frills bareback scenes, including black as well as interracial fucking. Ravaged Raw Holes, this week’s featured movie, is another awesome collection of scenes that are pure wall to wall raw action.

Mr. Cali is a big-dicked black stud and Leonardo is a slim little Latin bottom. Things start off with Leonardo humping Mr. Cali as they kiss, and then sensually sucking his huge meat. Mr. Cali teases his own nipples as Leonardo goes to town on him. Then, unable to contain his hunger anymore, Mr. Cali shoves his face between Leonardo’s firm, round cheeks, soon lifting him up to hold him upside down and tickle his pucker some more. When the foreplay is over and Mr. Cali starts to drill deeply, it’s easy to see that Leonardo is getting one of the greatest fucks of his life!

Watch Deep Dicc use greedy bottom Tigger Redd in a suck and fuck that, let’s just say, requires flexibility from Tigger and strength from Deep.

In scene three, Knockout breeds and seeds Raw Strokes newcomer Jaylen Frost. Get ready for some great close-ups of the penetration in this one!

Scene four is a highlight of the flick. Black stud Cutler X, who’s well known for his power and sensuality, gives white twunk Ray Mannix a deep dicking to remember. Their chemistry is undeniable and overwhelming. The two of them can’t keep their lips off each other—they kiss the whole way through. It almost feels romantic, like you’re spying on a real couple.

Veteran Raw Strokes top stud Mr. Marky pounds and stretches Julius Caesar’s tasty hole in the last scene. Mr. Marky is soaping up in the shower when light-skinned Julius joins him, looking for something hot and wet!

These are some of the biggest dicks in porn paired with some of the hungriest assholes. The slim and limber bottoms here are thirsty for seed and the big-dicked tops give them plenty of it, filling their rectums with hot jizz!

Ravaged Raw Holes is available now on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Mr. Marky   Knockout   Jaylen Frost   Julius Caesar   Cutler X   Deep Dicc   Mr. Cali   Ray Mannix   Tigger Redd   Leonardo (KMW)
Studio Name:   Raw Strokes

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