Movie Review: “Raw Brigade 2,” Active Duty

raw brigade 2, active duty, military, bareback, gay, porn, amateur, dink flamingo, Billie Starz, Quentin Gainz, Ollie, Chad Neil, Xavier Cross, Scott Finn Active Duty, the top military porn studio around, brings us another volume of exhibitionist soldiers in Raw Brigade 2.

Billie Starz and Scott Finn are a pair of smooth, sexy young soldiers who are hungry for each other’s meat. As they take turns sucking cock, their bodies press together, generating heat. Billie is a strong, silent type with a beautiful cock and balls. He thoroughly enjoys bending Scott over the bed and driving deep into his tight ass. When Scott can’t hold back his load anymore, the waves of orgasm cause him to clench his ass around Billie’s cock. Billie flips Scott over and pounds him for just a little bit longer, feeling his own seed ready to erupt. He pulls out and cums all over Scott’s torso!

Quentin Gainz is a fun-loving “special ops” vet for the studio who specializes in giving new recruits the chance to prove themselves. Rix, formerly known as Ollie, is here in his second scene with an Active Duty vet to show he’s got what it takes to be a vet in his own right. Studly Rix is tough and lustful, already hard as soon as the two of them drop their shorts. Quentin’s mouth waters for that big, throbbing dick, but Rix is the one who gets a mouthful of meat first. The two studs take turns sucking each other off and then, at last, Rix pushes his dick into Quentin’s famously tight ass. Rix picks up the pace, thrusting deeper and deeper. When he’s ready to pop, he pulls out and milks his dick onto Quentin’s washboard abs and sculpted pecs. This pushes Quentin over the edge and he adds his own load to the mix!

In scenes three and four, new recruits Chad Neil and Xavier Cross each show us what they’re working with in their solo debuts.

Raw Brigade 2 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Billie Starz   Quentin Gainz   Ollie (Sean Cody)   Chad Neil   Xavier Cross   Scott Finn
Studio Name:   Active Duty 

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