Movie Review: Raw Contact

Raw ContactRaw Contact is described as “starring 8 certified barebackers.” There’s also one behind the lens, because in this Dirty Dawg Productions film, director Patrik Kohl shows he knows bareback well, which is no surprise given his extensive portfolio of work on raw cinema.

One of the big names in the film is Travis Turner, a performer who’s certainly come to prominence in the bareback porn world with work in films such as Breeding Sage Daniels — which was also directed by Kohl — and some kinky Hot Desert Knights Productions features.

His mix of muscle, ink and thick cock make Travis a worthy top in condomless cinema. He’s got that dominance thing down well, and that’s an important part of the couplings in this type of amateur bareback action.

Travis gets this film off to a cracking start in scene one, where he’s partnered with a buzzed-headed bottom boy that eats up Travis’ cock in both ends like he hasn’t seen a raw cock in years.

Scenes three and five also stand out in terms of one-on-one couplings. There’s a great dynamic between those couples, who are nicely contrasted in age — and very horny, judging by the fireworks they produce for the camera.

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