Movie Review: Raw Loads

raw loads, eric raw, ericvideos, gay, porn, bareback, Teddy Torres, Nathan, Brandon, Johan, Darko, Keiran, PriamEricVideos is known for barebones, bareback scenes starring sexy guys. It’s just pure, raw sex. Raw Loads is its latest release, featuring four hot scenes of cumtastic goodness.

Teddy Torres and Brandon hook up in a park, but after a passerby sees them starting to go at it just a few feet off the trail, Brandon takes Teddy to his apartment. Teddy asserts his dominance by turning Brandon around and pressing him to the wall, his hand at Brandon’s throat. Then Brandon’s on his knees with Teddy’s huge cock in his hand and mouth. After pounding him by the front door for a minute, Teddy picks Brandon up and carries him to the couch. Teddy pulls Brandon up with his legs on either side of his head and holds him up by his sinewy thighs so he can piledrive him. Meanwhile, Brandon slams his own ass into Teddy’s cock, holding himself up with his legs hooked on Teddy’s shoulders. You can see Teddy trying not to cum, and he pulls out so he can bury his face in Brandon’s crack. Brandon masturbates as Teddy feasts on his hole. Seeking to make their mark on another part of the apartment, they temporarily adjourn to the kitchen, where Brandon bends over the stove and takes more breeding from Teddy. On the couch again, Brandon rides Teddy cowboy style until they give each other a mouthful of seed. They kiss passionately in the afterglow.

Muscle bear Priam is hot for Keiran, an Aussie porn stud with an enormous dick. Keiran is equally infatuated with Priam’s body, particularly his ass. Priam goes to visit Keiran, who’s just chilling on his bed with a boner until Priam arrives. Immediately Priam gets on his knees, takes out Keiran’s XXL dick, and starts sucking it while twisting his hand around the shaft, getting it wet with his slobber. Priam enjoys worshiping at the sausage altar, but finally neither of them can wait any longer to fuck. Their hookup will be a day that lives in infamy in both their minds, as Keiran pumps Priam hard enough that even his asshole itself quivers in orgasm! After Keiran pops, Priam eagerly sucks him clean.

In a rough part of town, Nathan hangs out behind a gloryhole in the middle of the night. It’s where he can find the biggest dicks to suck, but even so, Darko’s monster cock is a surprise! This thirsty pig gets a whole lot more than a mouthful when Darko turns his attention to his asshole. Nathan loves it when Darko turns him into his human fuck toy, dumps cum all down the crack of his ass, and leaves without saying a word.

On a sunny afternoon in a park, Johan hides in the trees with Darko, just barely out of sight. Wouldn’t it just be a shame if some horny voyeur were to come along and see what a dick pig Johan is as Darko stuffs his hole, breeds him with his hot seed, and then feeds the rest of his load into his mouth?

Raw Loads from EricVideos and director Eric Paris is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Teddy Torres   Nathan (EricVideos)   Brandon (EricVideos)   Johan (EricVideos)   Darko   Keiran   Priam
Studio Name:   EricVideos 

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