Movie Review: Ready to Attack

ready to attack, active duty, military, porn, gay, Quentin Gainz, Laith Inkley, Owen Steal, Dante, Pink Bird Media, Donte Thick, Ryan Jordan, Markie MoreFans of sexy soldiers will be excited to see that Active Duty has brought us another bunch of hot military men in Ready to Attack, new to AEBN this week.

Laith Inkley and Quentin Gainz have the customary short interview with the director, but you can tell they’re eager to get down to it. When Quentin’s thick dick springs free, already hard, Laith is quick to engulf it with his full-lipped, greedy mouth. Laith sucks that cock all the way to the hilt, nuzzles his balls, and gives Quentin a handjob. It’s all Quentin can do not to blow his load already, as he stuffs Laith’s fingers in his own mouth. Laith makes it even harder for Quentin to hold off an orgasm when he buries his face between those muscular ass cheeks and gives his pucker a tongue bath. It looks like Laith could do this until his mouth is tired, but now Quentin can’t wait a moment longer to return the oral favor. After he feels Quentin’s hot mouth all over his cock, Laith is ready to pound his other hole. Laith wets Quentin’s ass with another rimjob before delivering an ass-stretching fuck in a number of positions. When Laith pulls out, ready to jerk out his load, Quentin shoots out jets of jizz all over his own chest. Soon, Laith adds to the mess with his own spunk.

Ryan Jordan and Markie More are another pair of much-admired Active Duty veterans, and they know just what to do to make each other (and you) have a great time before ultimately blowing a big load. First, Ryan welcomes Markie back to the Active Duty set with a lusty blowjob. Later, Markie reciprocates by deep-throating Ryan. The two studs suck each other in an extremely hot 69, which we get to watch from above. Ryan takes the first crack, so to speak, and starts out with a slow, deep penetration that builds speed as he goes, until he’s hammering away at Markie. Later they switch places and Markie takes the opportunity to show Ryan he can fuck just as hard, maybe harder. Then, after both of these muscle studs have worn each other’s holes out, Ryan and Markie cum, one after the other. It’s always fun to watch versatile guys get competitive like this.

As with all Active Duty movies, Ready to Attack closes out with a pair of masturbation scenes from guys who are new to the studio. New recruit Donte Thick has a gorgeously muscular body and slinky, graceful moves that he shows off for us as he gets naked and plays with himself. Owen Steal, a beefy new recruit, shows off all those muscles and tattoos as he works himself up to a huge cumshot.

Stars:   Quentin Gainz   Laith Inkley   Owen Steal   Dante (Pink Bird Media)   Ryan Jordan   Markie More
Studio Name:  
Active Duty

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