Movie Review: Rear Gunners 4

rear gunners 4, military, gay, porn, active duty, dink flamingo, amateur, first time gay, masturbation, blowjob, bridger, ivan jamesOh, the sights that Dink Flamingo’s notorious camera has recorded for Active Duty’s amateur military porn offerings. Rear Gunners 4 brings us more of the solos, first-time gay scenes, and returning favorites that we know and love.

Bridger gets better every time we see him. The strong, sexy, hung stud is here to pop Johnny’s cherry in a scene that’ll take your breath away. Johnny wraps his mouth around Bridger’s cock and even though he can’t deep-throat yet, he gets points for enthusiasm and a truly hot 69 session. After a nice long oral sequence, Johnny lets Bridger take it all the way. Once he sees what a champ Johnny is at taking it, Bridger speeds up and goes deeper. He thoughtfully gives Johnny a reach-around, too. Johnny needs a break, so Bridger sucks his dick until he’s ready to take this unforgettable encounter to the climax.

Now that Johnny has had a good taste of man meat, he returns with Ivan James. Ivan orally engulfs Johnny’s huge, stiff dick before lowering his slim body onto it. There are plenty of great close-ups as Ivan takes his time mounting that meat. Later, Ivan gets on all fours and Johnny pounds him from behind. After a little break for some oral and a brief rest, they’re back at it. Johnny jerks Ivan off as he fucks him in missionary position. After Ivan takes some more long, loving sucks of Johnny’s dick, the two of them masturbate side-by-side.

Brian and Johnny, both muscular recruits with stunning bodies, strip down on the couch for a jerk-off session. Only their legs touch, but you can see by the way they admire each other’s dicks that they’d be open to fucking at some point. It’s that thrill of potential that really does it for us in this masturbation scene.

Finally, Brian is here to show us his goodies as he lies back on the couch and jerks off. Slim but solid, he’s got a tattooed, bleached blond sexiness like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the camera moves in close, he strokes his shaft with one hand and fondles his balls with the other. Brian finishes himself off and heads for the shower.

We can’t get enough of watching these young, testosterone-laden military men sneak off base so they can shoot their loads for Dink Flamingo’s camera. Rear Gunners 4 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Johnny   Bridger   Brian   Ivan James   Shawn (m)  
Studio Name:   Active Duty