Movie Review: Right Here, Right Now

The title of this movie from Jocks and Falcon/Raging Stallion might put some of you in mind of a Jesus Jones song from more than 20 years ago (sorry to go there), but the title just reflects the urgency of these studs’ need for cock. Something about being in the great outdoors with a hot guy fills some men with an immediate need to fuck. Right Here, Right Now is always the right place and time for men such as these.

Valentin Petrov and Marc Dylan rest after lugging a heavy ice chest. Marc appreciates Valentin’s massage technique, but he needs a different way to recover. It involves servicing Valentin’s huge cock and balls until the horny Russian rims and fucks him. Marc braces himself against the tree as Valentin charges in and out of his hole with that ramrod hanging between his legs. The more Marc pleads for more, the harder and deeper Valentin thrusts! Lying back on the ice chest, Marc gets an even more deeply satisfying fuck. The jocks jerk themselves off in the end. Valentin cums first and Marc’s load soon follows.

Shane Frost ambushes a sunbathing Andrew Jakk (a Raging Stallion Exclusive) and covers him with kisses, making Andrew want more. He pulls out Shane’s cock and, stroking with one hand, swallows that delicious piece of meat whole. In response, Shane pulls down Andrew’s shorts and dives in for some deep-throating and rimming. Simultaneous fingering and licking turns Andrew into a purring submissive, on his knees and getting pounded furiously from behind. On his back, Andrew gets fucked even deeper. Excited, Andrew jerks out ropes of cum onto his belly. Shane pulls out and after yanking his crank to climax, adds his gooey mess onto his exhausted partner.

Christopher Daniels and RS Exclusive Trent Locke get to their destination and decide that it’s time to unwind with some sex in the car with the door wide open. Face down in Christopher’s lap, Trent swallows his shaft all the way down and doesn’t neglect the balls. Christopher leans back and holds his legs open to give Trent better access to his hole, and Trent is happy to oblige. Then Trent, on the hood of the car, lets Christopher drill his hairy ass. After a wild ride, Trent wanks himself to a big load and helps Christopher get off by nibbling his balls while he masturbates until he finally blows.

Valentin Petrov makes a second appearance when horny Dominic Pacifico feels horny while they’re enjoying nature. With Valentin’s massive member in his mouth, Dominic’s excitement skyrockets. He gets even higher when he feels that Russian mouth on his swollen cock. In 69, the guys enjoy each other even more. Then, after kissing, Dominic fucks a grunting, sweating Valentin. Dominic pulls out and mounts Valentin, screwing himself down on him. Back and forth they fuck each other until Valentin finishes Dominic off. While Valentin is pounding his ass, Dominic jacks off on himself. Valentin pulls out and covers Dominic in his own jizz.

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