Movie Review: Pride Studios’ “Sex Cums First”

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As the movie begins we see blond Christopher Daniels and brown-haired Andrew Justice already deep into a hot make-out session in their kitchen. Christopher takes off his shirt and gives us our first look at his jaw-dropping torso, which ripples with lean muscles. The men pull down their pants and start lightly bumping their impressive bulges together. Slowly and with obvious passion, Christopher sucks Andrew’s big cock to full hardness. The view from below is fantastic as Andrew’s sculpted torso undulates with his deepening breaths and Christopher starts stroking himself. Christopher gets naked and hops up on a counter so Andrew can go down on him. After a taste of Christopher’s ass to get him wet, Andrew pushes his dick inside that tight hole and fucks him deeply. Andrew’s so worked up that he pulls out and shoots his load on Christopher’s lower back, which sends Christopher over the edge. He jerks his load onto Andrew’s furry, muscular chest.

Bald, bearded daddy Adam Russo passionately kisses Latin super-bottom Armond Rizzo and they quickly get naked. He can’t wait to fuck that hungry little hole, and can you blame him? Armond is eager to taste Adam’s cock and balls first, though, and Adam enjoys every second of the oral worship. Adam sucks Armond in return, but soon he can’t wait another moment to pound that twink ass! With each thrust of that big daddy dick, Armond seems to moan and call out “Oh, Daddy!” more and louder. The hot vocal response from Armond spurs Adam on to greater heights, and they feed each other’s excitement as much as your own. Try as hard as you can to hold onto your load, even though it’ll take a mighty effort during all of Armond’s sexy moaning, because it just keeps getting hotter as they move through different positions. Adam’s as powerful a presence as ever, commanding your attention as he drains Armond’s balls with a relentless fuck. Then Adam shoots his load onto Armond’s face. We want Adam to be our daddy, too!

Zach Riley, a tattooed stud with a crew cut, and Shane Jacobs, a dark-haired hunk with a great smile, get naked and check out each other’s goods. They stroke their cocks side by side and then start to blow each other. Zach takes control and fucks Shane hard, pounding him in doggy and other positions until both of them blow huge loads.

Well-hung, handsome stud Alexander Greene tongue-wrestles for a long time with tattooed twink Colton Fitch. Alexander gets on his knees and has a good long suck of Colton’s impressive dick, then holds their cocks together and strokes them before it’s Colton’s turn to give head. Colton bends over and enjoys a rusty trombone from Alexander. Then Alexander spreads Colton’s cheeks and really gets in there with his tongue. They’re going to need all the lube they can get, because when Alexander slaps his hard cock against Colton’s crack, it’s almost comical how huge that meat is compared to that ass. Colton is an experienced bottom, though, and he enjoys Alexander’s deep, steady thrusts. Later Colton sits on Alexander’s lap in cowboy, showing us the dermal piercings along his lower back and the kiss print tattoo on his right ass cheek. In an impressive display of flexibility and strength, Alexander picks Colton up and lets him hang by his neck like a human jungle gym as he sets him down into piledriver position. Alexander holds Colton’s skinny legs aside in a W shape and squats, dipping into him repeatedly. After a few minutes of this the young studs cum simultaneously, dousing Colton’s slim torso in their jizz.

Sitting in a locker room, Aaron Slate, Jake Zachary, Shane Jacobs, and Zach Riley all have their hands down their shorts. They seem a bit nervous at first, but soon their arousal overtakes their bashfulness and they’re sucking and fucking in a four-jock orgy that puts a cum-splashing finishing touch on this awesome movie.

Stars:   Alexander Greene   Zach Riley   Jake Zackry   Andrew Justice   Adam Russo   Christopher Daniels   Armond Rizzo   Aaron Slate   Shane Jacobs
Studio Name:   Circle Jerk Boys  Pride Studios

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