Movie Review: Sex Therapy in the Raw

Watch Sex Therapy in the Raw on AEBNWhether it’s counseling or massage, “Sex Therapy in the Raw” sounds like the most fun way to experience self-care with another person. This new flick from Next Door Raw will make you believe in the healing powers of touch.

Colton Cain goes for a happy ending massage and is so new to it all that he lets hot, tattooed blond masseur Leo Luckett lead the way. Leo has gotten Colton hard with a full-body rubdown and now it’s time to apply his special oral technique. Colton gets the special full release treatment, which means that he gets to bend Leo over and fuck him bareback against the massage table. After fucking the jizz out of Leo, Colton pulls out and cums all over the massage therapist’s well-used hole.

After a devastating breakup, muscular stud Connor Halsted isn’t sure where he’s going wrong in his love life, so he takes a friend’s advice and goes to see a therapist. What he didn’t know when he booked the appointment was that Donte Thick takes an active, physical approach to counseling. It doesn’t take long for Donte to pinpoint the problem: Connor needs to be more confident and his boyfriends haven’t been appreciating his sexual potential enough. Donte sorts that out with one hot, hardcore bareback session in which Connor and his fat-cocked therapist flip-fuck their way to explosive loads. In a highlight of the scene, Connor pile-drives Donte, who is sucking his own dick.

Therapist Quentin Gainz crosses the line between professionalism and personal urges when his client, Ricky Ridges, comes out to him. For the first time, Quentin’s temptation is too strong to resist. He moves toward Ricky and is immediately rewarded with kisses. Ricky’s bulge is obvious when Quentin begins to undress him. Quentin slowly, deeply sucks Ricky’s throbbing cock until he’s right at the edge of losing his load, but then he pulls back and positions his ass in front of Ricky. Finally, Ricky has the chance to show his therapist how much he appreciates him and his hot body.

Massage therapist Zak Bishop has his hot client, Scott Finn, naked on the massage table in front of him. Zak’s urges to have his way with Scott’s body begin to rise right along with his cock, and Scott’s responsiveness to his touch is obvious. Their mutual arousal becomes too much to ignore and soon Zak is fingering Scott’s hole while stroking his cock. Zak eventually flips Scott around and pounds Scott’s hole raw, pushing him ever closer to the edge before they switch places. Scott pushes his way into Zak’s hole to the hilt, then pulls back and starts to thrust.  Zak and Scott fuck so hard that they end up doused in each other’s sweat and cum.

This hot new release from Next Door Raw is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Leo Luckett   Colton Cain   Ricky Ridges   Scott Finn   Donte Thick   Connor Halsted   Quentin Gainz   Zak Bishop
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

Watch Sex Therapy in the RawWatch Sex Therapy in the Raw on AEBNWatch Sex Therapy in the Raw on AEBNWatch Sex Therapy in the Raw