Movie Review: Sexperiment

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One morning, Chris Harder wakes up with a hard-on and his boyfriend Alex Kilborn wants to make good use of it. The rest of the day can wait. After they’ve probed all of each other’s erogenous zones with their lips and tongues, they’re ready to dive in deeper with their throbbing cocks inside each other’s hungry holes. Things take a surprising turn by the end, but we don’t want to give anything away.

NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor is in the middle of a fashion photo shoot with the mysterious designer, the excellently named Jacob St. Ladder, when the sexual tension between them explodes. In a fetishistic frenzy, they cut off the clothes because removing them the old-fashioned way just takes too long. Under dramatic lighting that heightens the contrast of pale skin and the space around their bodies, deep-throating uncut cocks leads to flip-fucking greedy holes.

Lying face down on a bed, ass up and ready for whoever comes along to fuck it, J.P. Dubois just wants to indulge his dick pig fantasy. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James is feeling similarly horny and ready for anonymous action, so it works out perfectly. As he rims J.P.’s hole and explores it with his fingers, dildos, and his raging cock, Killian narrates the scene and breaks the third wall. This experimental approach is new and somehow only adds to the appeal.

Young J.D. Phoenix gets home to discover that somebody has broken into his apartment. He finds the hulking hunk Rocco Steele standing alone in a room, stroking his jaw-dropping ten inches. J.D. is even more shocked when Rocco pushes him against a wall, caught too far off guard to try and stop him. “I’ve been waiting for you, boy,” says Rocco, sending goosebumps down J.D.’s spine and making his asshole shiver in anticipation. Rocco ties J.D.’s wrists and gives him the fuck they both crave, and even though it would be terrifying in real life to find a stranger has invaded your personal space to ass-fuck you, J.D. and Rocco have an explosive scene that will fuel lots of fantasies.

NakedSword has served us something fresh and exciting. Sexperiment is streaming exclusively on AEBN and you don’t want to miss it!

Stars:   Mickey Taylor   Chris Harder   Alex Killborn   Jacob St. Ladder   J.P. Dubois   J.D. Phoenix   Rocco Steele   Killian James
Studio Name:   NakedSword 

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