Movie Review: “Step-Bros Before Hoes 2,” Next Door Studios

step-bros before hoes 2, gay, porn, next door, taboo, stepbrothers, brothers, Alexander Greene, Cameron Foster, Johnny Torque, Tom Faulk, Johnny Riley, Javier Cruz, River Elliott, Gabriel CrossNext Door Studios’ Step-Bros Before Hoes 2 is a heartwarming tale of the bonds between stepbrothers, and how important it is for them to stick together when the world is against them.

Okay, not really, it’s a hot gay porno that fulfills all of your dirtiest fantasies about two stepbrothers—two “almost brothers” fucking each other even though it’s wrong and shameful. Not that it’s going to stop them from scratching their itches together!

While vacuuming the floor of his parents’ room, sandy-haired and tattooed stud Tom Faulk finds a strange box full of sex toys. He calls his step-brother, blue-eyed beauty Alexander Greene, into the room to show him what he found. Tom’s mixture of shock, disgust, and curiosity is only stimulated when Alex says he’s played with his own ass and recommends that Tom try it. Alex helps Tom see just how much fun ass play, blowjobs, and anal sex can be with your brother!

Tom returns in another scene with a different stepbrother, the mischievously adorable Gabriel Cross. One day Tom and his best friend, toned and tattooed jock River Elliott, are so bored they start masturbating together on the living room couch. Gabriel slips into the room unnoticed. Seeing both of these hot young guys sporting erections gets him equally aroused, in spite of (and maybe because of) the fact that one of them is his stepbrother. While their eyes are closed, Gabriel sneaks up and takes both Tom’s and River’s cocks in his hands and then starts to suck them one after the other. Though River is surprised, he follows Tom’s lead and lets it happen. The threeway sucking leads to an epic threesome for these horny young studs!

Tired of his stepbrother Johnny Riley’s trifling ways, muscular blond Cameron Foster challenges the lazy boy to show him just one thing he’s good for, since Johnny can’t be bothered to help out with any of the housework or get a job. Johnny, a cutie with short black hair, says he’s sorry he doesn’t have a pussy, since Cameron is such a dick. Angrily, Cameron whips it out and shoves Johnny’s head down on him. Johnny finds out that he’d better have the stuff to back up his trash talk now that he’s pushed his stepbrother too far. Cameron is on a rampage and he makes sure to let Johnny feel every inch of his frustration in a balls-draining revenge fuck!

Johnny Torque and Javier Cruz are two of the hottest outdoorsy stepbrothers you’ll ever see, both dark-haired and lean. While their parents are away, Johnny and Javier decide to take the quad-bike out for a ride. With Javier riding on the back, Johnny pulls over for a break. He notices something hard pressing up against his ass and it’s inside Javier’s pants. Embarrassed and scared of what his domineering stepbrother is going to do, Javier pleads for Johnny not to tell anyone. Johnny takes out his cock and shoves it into Javier’s mouth, and soon he’s got his own throbbing erection. When Johnny pushes Javier against the seat and starts kissing him, Javier realizes he’s not the only one who’s into it. Johnny pounds his stepbrother on the quad-bike in several positions, and the mess of jizz that they leave is going to need cleaning up before their parents get home!

Step-Bros Before Hoes 2 from Next Door Studios is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Alexander Greene   Cameron Foster   Johnny Torque   Tom Faulk   Johnny Riley   Javier Cruz   River Elliott   Gabriel Cross
Studio Name:   Next Door Studios 

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