Movie Review: Surfin’ Studs

Young bodies in various states of undress are one of the simplest yet most powerful pleasures that a trip to the beach can offer. Watching Surfin’ Studs isn’t quite as good as your own beach vacation view of the flesh parade, but unless you go to a nudist beach then it’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything quite this hot. If you can’t escape for a weekend and ogle the “scenery,” then this movie is a good way to satisfy your craving from home. Besides, we’ll bet you’ve never seen anything as hot as these twink escapades on any of your real beach trips.


Helix Studios and Frat Boy have brought back many favorites from their usual roster of talent, and this movie marks the debut of versatile young Alexander Greene. You’ll be happy to make his acquaintance – not only is he endowed with sex appeal and a big dick, but he’s also willing and happy to fuck or be fucked anywhere and anytime!


Something about the warm sunlight and the crashing ocean waves brings out the sexual urges in these tasty young surfer boys. You’ll forget all about catching a wave and will instead be fixated on seeing these college guys catching a piece of ass. It’s a beach getaway to remember and far more fun than anyone can have with their clothes on.


Stars:   Noah Brooks   Keegan Adams   Alexander Greene   Dylan Andrews

Categories: New Release   Twink   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Running Time: 109 minutes

Released: 01/2012

Studio Name:   Helix Studios  Frat Boy

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