Movie Review: The Peters Twins in Taboo

The Peters Twins in TabooOne good-looking, perfectly sculpted guy is hot, but a double of him is almost unbearably so. It’s the utmost taboo for twins to get as intimate as what you’ll see in The Peters Twins in Taboo, but something so wrong feels so right. That’s why Bel Ami and director Lukas Ridgeston crafted this highly spankable tale of twins in lust, starring two Czech guys who couldn’t be any hotter if they were designed and built specifically for porn. Milo Peters is two minutes older than his brother Elijah Peters and there’s just one way to tell them apart: Milo’s cock curves to the right when erect and Elijah’s curves to the left.

Milo and Elijah meet Trevor Yates in a park. Trevor is surprised to find that Milo has an identical twin and he’s been chatting with both of them on the internet, but it doesn’t take him long to get over the deception and see the erotic potential. Milo and Elijah take Trevor home and are delighted to find he has a massive cock. Watching them lick each side of the shaft at the same time is achingly erotic. They have an oral daisy chain before Trevor fucks Milo and then Elijah. Each time, the twin who’s getting rammed also sucks off his brother. The oral action is even hotter than the anal, because it’s usually one twin blowing another or both teaming up on Trevor. These three have so much fun that while they’re showering, they decide to have another round. This time, it’s Trevor’s turn to get fucked!

Next, the twins take on Dolph Lambert in a scene that makes the most of all three guys’ excellent physical condition. They show off their ability to do assisted handstand pushups and other exercises for a few minutes before fucking. Who knew working out could be foreplay? They’re all in top shape — if anything, Dolph is more bulked-up than the twins, whose abs could make a grown man cry.

In the next scene, they have a cum-inducing orgy with Brandon Manilow and Cody Clark, whom they met at the gym. The twins and friends swap blowjobs between the four of them, taking their time to savor the taste of cock-meat before Brandon and Cody top the brothers. As erotic as the imagery is, it’s the moaning and sighing of four men in ecstasy that truly pushes this scene over the edge.

The twins’ scene together at the end of the film is the most arousing of all. First they’re interviewed about their sexual attraction, and we find out they like watching each other in the mirror. When they first did a striptease for each other, they couldn’t help themselves. The director has them reenact that sexual milestone, and if this is anything like what really happened, it’s easy to see why they crossed that line. Don’t be surprised to find yourself completely spent of all your seed after watching Milo and Elijah strip, grind, play with each other’s bodies, and even fuck bareback. (Every other scene uses condoms, but if you’re going to smash the taboo of brotherly love, then why not push even more buttons by doing it raw?) In the end, they swallow each other’s cum! It’s an ultimate narcissistic fantasy for twins who look like models. They prove that pretty boys can be nasty, too.

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