Movie Review: Treasure Island Media, L.U.S.T. 3

lust 3, treasure island media, what i can't see, lost unreleased sex tapes, gay, porn, barebackTreasure Island Media’s L.U.S.T. 3 –Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes 3, if you’re nasty—includes more than two hours’ worth of bareback fucking that fans have never seen before.

This isn’t a compilation, but a whole new collection of scenes. It’s subtitled the “What I Can’t See” Edition, which means that you’re getting lots of kinky, blindfolded sucking and fucking. The subtitle comes from the fact that half of the scenes originally were filmed for TIM’s What I Can’t See series, but they’ve never been released before. If you’re unfamiliar with that series… well, first of all, you should also put those on your must-watch list after you’re done with this movie, but secondly, it’s a hot premise: bottoms get blindfolded and then submit their assholes to any top that happens to be in the room.

Damon Darko and a bunch of muscular men are throwing down in scene one. Tor Matthews, Mayer, Devlin Michaels, and Jerry Stearns subject Damon to face-fucking, ass-reaming action and keep him blindfolded. Do you think he could identify these cocks just by the way they feel? We really can’t get enough of the close-up insertion.

Scene two is a nasty gangbang of epic proportions, in which Jaison Lawrence submits to the power of several throbbing cocks. Alexander Austin, Matias, Fred Mayer, Chase Roberts, and Jean XXX get Jaison into a sling and give the greedy dick pick an anal onslaught with their uncut French-Canadian cocks. Don’t miss the four-man train!

Next, Aaron Scott, Damien, and Tor Matthews tear it up in a threeway. Aaron fantasized about being blindfolded and turned into a cum dump, so that’s just what he gets. Director Paul Morris: making wet dreams come true.

Scene four is a gangbang and Will, a TIM Exclusive, is the lucky pig whose owner, Paul Morris, takes him to Chicago for a gangbang. He’s an open hole and refuses no loads. The tops include Michael Christopher, Maverick Reynolds, Marc Hamilton, Ross X, Roman Pearce, Buck Fuddy, and Slick. Creamy!

Jerry Stearns, Jake Fillups, and Devlin Michaels have some fun with a blindfolded bottom named Chuck in scene five. The paddling and bondage are just part of the fun, and this scene is just as much about the psychological domination as it is physical. Chuck doesn’t know what’s next and that makes it even hotter.

In scene six, Ian Jay opens his hole to a dozen men in another all-loads-accepted Chicago scene like the one we saw with Will in scene four. All the tops are told to dump their loads in Ian’s hole. The hung, hard tops include Maverick Reynolds, Ross X, James Roscoe, Roman Pearce, Thomas Steel, Butch Powell, and Steve Hunter. Will is back and he gets to be the fluffer and felcher. These guys totally lose themselves in gangbang ecstasy. It’s a sea of cocks and cum, and you’ll want to immerse yourself in it.

The grand finale, scene seven, features some erotic hypnotic suggestion. Eighteen-year-old Tommy Haine previously did hypnosis to help him lose his inhibitions (as seen in Bad Influence). Six months later, he couldn’t wait to get blindfolded and fucked. The tops are Cole and four TIM Exclusives: Brad McGuire, Dan Fisk, Tommy Haine, and Derek Anthony.

L.U.S.T. 3 presents you with ample opportunities to lose yourself in sensory overload, even when the bottom can’t see what’s going on. Stream this TIM instant classic only on AEBN.

Stars:   Maverick Reynolds   Marc Hamilton   Ross X   Jake Fillups   James Roscoe   Roman Pearce   Buck Fuddy   Jaison Lawrence   Devlin Michaels   Ian Jay   Dan Fisk   Butch Powell   Damon Darko   Tor Matthews   Mayer   Slick   Tommy Haine   Derek Anthony   Will (TIM)   Alexander Austin   Jean XXX   Steve Hunter   Jake (TIM)   Chuck (TIM)   Damien (TIM)   Matias (TIM)   Cole   Fred Mayer   Chase Roberts   Thomas Steel   Jerry Stearns   Jason Summers   Brad McGuire   Michael Christopher   Aaron Scott
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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