Movie Review: “Trump N’ Dump,” Dark Alley Media

trump n dump, dark alley media, raw fuck club, porn, gay, pissing, gangbang, orgy, Danny Blue, Tex Davidson, Asher Devin, Champ Robinson, Alex Hawk, Parker Allen, Arnold RizzoIn what is sure to be the most controversial gay porn release in a while, Dark Alley Media has delved into a dark and twisted fantasy with Trump N’ Dump.

Time traveler Danny Blue visits Inauguration Day 2017 from the year 2020. He’s waiting in a room at a sex club when sexy Alex Hawk appears at the door. Danny pulls Alex into the room with him. Without a word, the guys strip and Danny explores Alex’s hole with his fingers. He stuffs his hard dick into Alex’s greedy mouth before breeding his ass. These two look really hot together and that makes the scene twice as cum-worthy.

Parker Allen checks into a room on the Vegas strip, where he knows there is plenty of ass to be found. Sure enough, fun-sized Latino Armond Rizzo is waiting there like a mint on a pillow, ready to be bred. After feeding his stiff cock to Armond’s eager mouth, Parker plunges into that bad hombre’s bubble butt all the way to the hilt. He fucks him hard and deep, and then jizzes all over his freshly bred asshole.

Asher Devin has heard that the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is the place to go for a pump and dump, or in this case, a trump and dump. Tonight his “appointment” is with Tex Davidson, whose huge cock is enough to stretch any hole. Tex pummels Asher’s ass, shoots his load, and they part ways.

Danny Blue is alone in his room, scrolling through his tablet with one hand and sliding the other hand down the front of his pants. He starts to fantasize, or maybe remember, about a group of powerful, entitled men tying him up in a sling and having their way with him. Champ Robinson, Tex Davidson, Alex Hawk, and Asher Devin put on politician masks and a Russian fur hat, and then make Danny their bitch. In a hallucinatory orgy that will play to all of your kinkiest fantasies about men of wealth and power, the four masked tops gag Danny with their fat cocks and fill his ass full of their raw cock and hot seed.

Trump N’ Dump from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Danny Blue   Tex Davidson   Asher Devin   Parker Allen   Alex Hawk   Champ Robinson   Armond Rizzo
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club 

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