Movie Review: “TSA Checkpoint,” Raging Stallion Studios

tsa checkpoint, raging stallion, Daymin Voss, Rikk York, Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee, Lorenzo Flexx, Aleks Buldocek, Buck Richards, Trent King, Teddy Torres, Alex Mecum, Derek BoltAirports are not usually places that we associate with pleasure, but in TSA Checkpoint from Raging Stallion Studios, we get half a dozen scenes of frequent flyer fantasy starring some of porn’s hottest men.

Officer Daymin Voss pulls Rikk York off to the side for a full body search when he sets off the alarms at the checkpoint. When Daymin finds contraband in Rikk’s “loose sloppy hole,” he explores with his gloved hands and his curious tongue, going deeper and getting the naughty traveler more excited by the second. There are no more foreign objects in Rikk’s ass, but both of them are now rock hard from the intimate exploration. First, it’s Rikk’s turn to show the TSA agent how sorry he is by sucking his cock and pounding his ass. Daymin finally gets his turn to see what it feels like to drill that hole with his throbbing cock.

Tegan Zayne is flying home for Spring Break and decides to take a nap in the air lounge during a layover. All of his weariness vanishes when he finds Eddy Ceetee, a sexy daddy pilot, taking a break. Tegan is a human cockpit for Eddy, first gagging on his cock and then bending over to take a reaming. After a while he mounts Eddy so he can slam his own ass down to Eddy’s balls, making his own meaty package bounce up and down. Tegan’s load is huge and makes a mess everywhere, which makes Eddy paste the college boy’s bearded face with his seed. It’s an awesome way to kick off Spring Break!

Working as a baggage handler can be a little more interesting if you snoop through the bags, which is exactly what Lorenzo Flexx and Aleks Buldocek are getting up to. Lorenzo finds a used pair of underwear to try on, but then Aleks finds a treasure trove of sex toys! When Lorenzo sees them, he presents his bubble butt for Aleks to shove a toy up in there. The first dildo isn’t big enough, so Aleks uses a huge rubber dong that stretches his hairy ass. This gets them in the mood for the real thing. Aleks has XL-sized meat to satisfy Lorenzo’s hungry hole, and he flips Lorenzo onto his back so he can watch the piggy stud’s face as he fucks him hard and deep. The sight of Lorenzo eating his own cum pushes Aleks over the edge and makes him lose his load on the floor.

Newbie airport barista Buck Richards doesn’t know what to do when he sees first class passenger Trent King watching porn in the lounge, but he quickly decides that he’s here to serve the passengers more than coffee. Buck offers to suck Trent’s uncut cock as they take off their clothes. Trent reciprocates, craving a taste of the young barista’s thick biscotto. Then he bends over so that Buck can fuck his hole. After hammering away at Trent, Buck climbs on board for his own ride. Now that both of them have experienced each other’s holes, they  rub their throbbing dicks together for a while until they can’t contain their creamy loads!

Lorenzo Flexx, one of the horny baggage handlers, finds passenger Teddy Torres jerking off near the men’s room. He likes to handle more than baggage, so he services him orally. They swap blowjobs and loads. TSA Officer Alex Mecum shows up just in time to see Teddy licking up the last of Lorenzo’s cum and brings him into custody. Alex and another officer, Derek Bolt, have a threeway with the well-hung Teddy.

Flying has never been more fun than it is in TSA Checkpoint, streaming exclusively on AEBN from Raging Stallion Studios!

Stars:   Rikk York   Alex Mecum   Buck Richards   Tegan Zayne   Eddy Ceetee   Derek Bolt   Teddy Torres   Trent King   Lorenzo Flexx   Daymin Voss   Aleks Buldocek
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios Group