Movie Review: Twin Heat

Set nine jocks loose in an impressive rental house and watch the temperature skyrocket!


Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad and his horny twin buddies, Luca and Liam Rosso, have particularly hot energy between the three of them, hence the title of this new release from Jocks/Raging Stallion Studios.


With their scorching Twin Heat, the Rosso brothers inspire a heightened sexual energy in all the other housemates. It leads to fiery fucking action! Tony Douglas has hot buns where Jay Kohl can put his big wiener. Speaking of food, Luke Milan and Spencer Fox are hungry for each other on the kitchen counter, where they flip-flop fuck. When there’s nothing good to watch on TV, Andrew Jakk finds a more interactive and intimate way to entertain Kyle Quinn!


It’s getting hot in the rental house and your screen just might steam up from watching it.


Stars:   Liam Rosso   Luca Rosso   Jay Kohl   Luke Milan   Kyle Quinn   Landon Conrad   Tony Douglas   Spencer Fox   Andrew Jakk

Categories: New Release   Muscles   Jocks   Anal   Safe Sex

Running Time: 109 minutes

Released: 02/2012

Studio Name:   Jocks  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios

Director:   Bruno Bond

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