Movie Review: Two On Sean

Two on SeanThose naughty Maverick Men are back in another adventure with their new find, Sean. He fits the twink mould that the couple seem to go for and he’s a very good little submissive performer in their bareback encounter, Two on Sean.

The intergenerational-loving duo have seen their star rise from their XTube days, to fully-fledged features of their exploits, and they deserve all the praise they get. The Maverick Men have brought their amateur outings into the mainstream porn world and made hand-held camera work vital to the raw feeling of the action and the improvised interaction that unfold.

New boy Sean does a wonderful job taking both the guys’ thick cocks in his twink hole, and you’ll particularly love the horny banter between the three in the gym, which starts off their encounter.

It follows a similar formula as the other offerings the Maverick boys have produced, and once again it’s the banter between the three guys that is one of the movie’s biggest assets.

Seeing the way they talk to Sean in that father-type intergenerational tone is such a turn-on for people who like the dynamic between young and older partners and this video will get those fans all riled up again.

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