Movie Review: UGF Tucker Vs Dixon

Author: Cooper (via Queerbites)

Masculinity has always been a major draw-factor for gay porn aficionados. The concept of “real men” commonly leads to conceptions of “straight men,” which are ideas that have led to whole subgenres of porn in their own right. It’s not surprising that activities like professional fighting would inevitably find their way into porn. Wrestling – despite its aura of machismo – has always been deeply entrenched in homoeroticism since it was practiced in Ancient Greece.

So along comes Ultimate Gay Fighter to fill the void of masculine porn stars in aggressive displays of machoism. The premise of Ultimate Gay Fighter is that “Two men enter, one man leaves fucked.” It’s quite the enticing prospect. It’s also quite a rare and unique subgenre of gay porn that even this writer wasn’t entirely familiar with until checking out this title. It’s fair to say this reviewer was a convert of the great mix of fighting and fucking, by the end.

The main event for this particular title is, of course, Tucker Vs. Dixon (or Dean Tucker and Caleb Dixon). The question is whose ass will be claimed and who will be left standing? The rest of the film is made up of other fight and fuck scenes, plus solo scenes from the men of UGF, which make up the second half of the 70-minute feature.

The opening scene is the self-titled sequence of the film. That said, this review won’t give away the winner, because finding out is half the fun. Caleb Dixon is apparently a newcomer to the ring (figuratively and literally) and Tucker has been doing the round for a while. Being that this is the debut release of Ultimate Gay Fighter, bragging rights are high.

The wrestling in this scene is by far the most entertaining factor. This isn’t to say that the anal sex or oral sex isn’t deeply entertaining, it’s more a credit to the fact that you can really get off on a title like this before any penetration has even begun. It’s this idea that something non-sexual can quickly become sexual. And of course, the muscles don’t hurt either. The set is dark and shadowy, adding to the feel that this is a secret encounter and makes for some terrific conditions to see those muscles.

Further along in the film, many porn fans will recognize Christian Wilde, who pops up in scene three for a bathroom fuck with Dixon. Then the two leads have two separate solo performances to round out the film. Overall, this is a unique and enjoyable experience that fighter virgins and fans will enjoy alike.

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