Movie Review: Uniformed Ass Bangers

Uniformed Ass BangersWhat’s hotter than gorgeous, built young men in uniform? Well, if they’re also horny for cock and willing to fuck in their uniforms, then that’s not just hot… it’s enough to melt your pants right off your body, so that you wonder how in the hell you ended up naked with your cock in your hand. Uniformed Ass Bangers is packed with twinks, twunks, and outright hunks who are the pinnacle of perfection in their professions.

First, there’s a sexy fireman on a smoke break, ironically. When a fellow fireman shows up and notices the tent in the crotch of the smoking fireman’s uniform, it’s a conflagration of another sort. The firefighters stay in those uniforms for as long as possible while sucking and jerking each other’s erections. We have the best view in the house as they stand and rub their cocks together. Then, when they’re too excited to wait any longer, the smoking fireman primes his partner’s asshole with a lubed-up hand and then slams his dick all up in that hole! If firefighters are your fetish, then don’t miss a trio of them in scene three, who pass the time by fucking on top of a fire truck.

In the second scene, a horny prisoner tells his compatriot that he’s going to go jerk off in the shower, but the other inmate offers a much more interactive solution: fucking in the bunk! The would-be shower wanker is surprised but happy to take him up on the offer, and the two cute, hot young pieces of ass are happily sixty-nining in the top bunk when the warden catches them. Rather than reprimand the rule-breakers, he joins the fun and it becomes an ass-licking, butt-fucking threeway in the prison cell!

A pair of police officers catches a teenager driving without a license in scene four. They decide to have some fun with the lawless young scamp and turn him into their personal fuck toy. While one of these hot, muscular cops gets a blowjob, the other is preparing the twink’s ass with his nightstick. Finally they spit-roast the pale young scofflaw and spray him down with their seed.

Two soldiers who are the first of their unit to reach the house decide to have a little bit of fun. While one of them cleans the floor naked, the other one watches, jerking his cock, and gets so turned on he has to fuck him right there on the floor!

As much fun as it is to watch these Uniformed Ass Bangers in their iconic outfits, you’ll be just as excited to watch them stripped down and banging each other’s asses raw and hard. There’s even more of this uniformed fuck-fest in part two!

Uniformed Ass Bangers
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Stars:   Tomas Adamec   Robin Few   Alex Stevens   Miguel Placeno   George Bellagio   Sebastian Grant   Tom Smith   Bill Brown   John Child   Tony Rek   Micky Shut   Mark Lee   Luis Bigdog   Mike Cage   Chicky Ground   Valo Maten   Gery Rake   Milos Mann   George Michael   Thomas Wolf   Frodo Kaspy   Denis Reed   Nicolas Santos   Ondrej Sokol   Dominik Trojan
Categories: Fetish   New Release   Euro   Uniform   International   Twink   Bareback   Anal
Running Time:   108 minutes
Released:   07/2012
Studio Name:   Staxus
Director:   Vlado Iresch

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