Movie Review: “We Are Coming for You” from Treasure Island Media

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Treasure Island Media head Paul Morris has made We Are Coming for You to be something of a manifesto. The title doesn’t just refer to coming in the orgasmic sense. It’s also a declaration of solidarity with other gay men and a statement against hate and oppression. This is porn with a purpose, but it’s also just as hot as every other TIM video you’ve ever seen.

Sinewy Jay Brix is kissing Max Cameron before they realize the camera is rolling. They laugh when they realize the scene has started and get back to it without missing a beat. Jay is already naked and Max drops his pants to reveal that he’s wearing a jock strap underneath. It frames his well-formed butt cheeks perfectly. Max drops to his knees and wraps his mouth around Jay’s hard-on, and Jay grabs the sides of Max’s head for leverage as he skull-fucks him. Jay bends Max over and spreads his ass open so he can lick and stick him with that big dick of his. Max takes Jay’s fuck in several positions, their connection deepening as they taste, smell, and breathe each other.

Brad McGuire has retired from porn, but Paul has been saving his scene with Mark David for a special occasion. It was Mark’s first scene for the studio. As you might know, Mark started doing gay porn after his wife cuckolded him and had her lover fuck Mark. It turns out Mark isn’t so straight after all, especially when it’s a stud like Brad fucking him. Brad’s ability to turn any bottom into a total slut is legendary and it’s easy to see why Paul was holding onto this scene until now.

After we watch Ed Hunter induct another newbie into his personal collection of totally owned conquests, we see the return of “The Fucktard.” This legendary dick-drunk bottom has had his fill of just about every top who shoots for TIM. (His legendary antics can also be seen in Bad Seed.) TIM viewers will love seeing him get bred once again when he meets Calvin for a scene that leaves his greedy hole gaping!

Eager to work with cum slut Ian Jay again, Paul gave him his pick of tops. Ian chose Keer, whose dick is almost as thick as a twink’s wrist. In this filthy-hot scene, Ian uses Keer as a living, breathing dildo and takes his seed up his well-bred ass.

Johnny is a rich boy from one of California’s most prominent old-money families, but he aims to misbehave… just a bit. He puts on a mask and somehow his ass manages to accommodate Fyerfli’s fat dick. It’s so tight we’re amazed that such a snug grip didn’t milk Fyerfli’s cock almost immediately.

The legendary Cutler X is here to dominate young white twink Wolfie Blue with his enormous black cock and all the muscle-driven power that he brings to every scene. Wolfie didn’t know he was in for a fuck that would leave him limping for days! Cutler X totally owns that sweet young ass in a way that Wolfie is never going to forget.

We Are Coming for You starts and ends on sky-high notes, and everything in between is also great. It’s easy to see why Paul Morris believes in the raw power and even the soul connections that are possible in the best gay porn. This TIM instant classic is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Max Cameron   Jay Brix   Brad McGuire   Johnny   Fyerfli   Ian Jay   Cutler X   Mark David   Keer (TIM)   Calvin (TIM)   Ed Hunter   Wolfie Blue   Fucktard
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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