Movie Review: Where’s My Load?

where's my load, next door buddies, bareback, Scott Finn, Spencer Laval, Tom Bentley, Mathias (Active Duty), Chris Blades, Dave (Corbin Fisher)This week, Next Door Buddies presents a new quartet of scenes in which bromances get physical. Where’s My Load is full of good-looking young men who are willing to push the boundaries of their relationships as friends and roommates.

After a shower, Chris Blades goes to fetch some fresh clothes from the dryer. His roommate Mathias sees Chris in the laundry room with his towel slipping off his ass, he moves in for some action. Startled, Chris turns to face his roommate with his dick uncovered. When Mathias presses Chris up against the door for hot kisses, it’s not long before Chris takes him to his bedroom. Mathias can’t wait to find out how his roommate’s cock feels when it grows in his mouth. Chris takes his turn blowing Mathias. Soon the tension is too great, their cocks too hard, and Mathias takes charge. He pushes Chris onto the mattress and spoons him. Chris opens his legs wide and jerks himself off as Mathias drives deep inside his hole. When Mathias pulls out and starts splattering Chris with his spunk, it pushes Chris over the edge and makes him cum at the same time.

Scott Finn watches at the door as his roommate, Spencer Laval, starts to play with his morning wood. Then Scott walks in and asks Spencer what he’s doing, already knowing the answer. Scott offers to help Spencer relieve that throbbing boner, not even waiting for him to say the word. This isn’t their first time taking their roommate relationship to this intimate level and Scott won’t waste the chance to do it again. Spencer likes the feeling of Scott’s experienced, talented mouth around his cock and is excited to plunge into his hole, too. For leverage, Spencer holds Scott’s hands behind his back like handles as he fucks him raw. After trying out a couple of different positions, Spencer can’t wait any longer to release his load. Scott masturbates as he feels the hot spurt of his roommate’s jizz, and when Spencer pushes his cum-slick cock back inside, Scott unleashes his load.

While hanging out by the pool with a friend, Chris Blades goes to see what his roommate, Elye Black, is doing that’s taking so long. Chris listens at the bedroom door before opening it enough to look inside, where Elye is stroking his cock with one hand and holding his phone with the other. For a moment, Chris rubs himself through his shorts as he watches his roommate jerk off to gay porn, but soon he boldly sneaks up behind Elye and touches his shaft. Elye is shocked, but almost immediately decides that fucking a guy is better than watching some other guys fuck on a small screen. Chris face-plants on Elye’s boner and tests his gag reflex. He confirms that Elye has never been with a guy and excitedly introduces his buddy to the pleasures of gay sex. It feels so amazing when Elye’s virgin hole grips his dick that Chris has to contain himself and not cum too soon. After Chris pops that cherry and gives him a good drilling, it’s time for Elye to slide his huge dick deep inside his friend’s ass. Elye fucks Chris to completion and finally covers Chris’ hole with his spunk.

Elye Black is going to visit a friend. Tom Bentley answers the door— wearing nothing but tiny briefs that cup his cock and balls nicely—and says the friend’s not home. Elye likes the view and asks if he can wait for his friend to get home. Tom leads Elye upstairs to wait, sending unmistakable signals. Elye makes his move, sliding his hand between Tom’s legs and along his ass crack before yanking the tight underwear down so his tongue can explore. Tom moans and enjoys the double stimulation as Elye reaches between his legs to stroke his dick. The two of them take turns blowing each other. Soon, Elye’s erection is throbbing and demanding attention. He takes Tom to the bedroom so he can fuck that fine ass. While his ass is full of Elye’s cock, Tom excitedly jerks himself off. Later, he bucks and grinds and bounces all over Elye in reverse cowboy position. Elye reaches so deep inside Tom’s hole that Tom can’t help jizzing everywhere, which pushes Elye over the edge and makes him dump a big load inside Tom’s ass.

Where’s My Load from Next Door Buddies is new this week on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Scott Finn   Spencer Laval   Tom Bentley   Mathias (Active Duty)   Chris Blades   Dave (Corbin Fisher)
Studio Name:   Next Door Buddies

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