My Straight Roommate 4

My Straight Roommate 4 - gay str8 bait porn, straight baitJust imagine: While your straight roommate is napping, you look over at him on the couch and admire how well he fills out those briefs he wears around the house with no shirt. You feel yourself getting hard. Suddenly he’s awake, notices your hard-on, and decides to test his sexuality with you. Is this your wettest dream?

For every one of you out there with a straight roommate that you want to bone, My Straight Roommate 4 from Driveshaft is your hot fantasy fulfillment. In these five scenes, straight guys discover that one of the advantages of having a gay roommate is that they can indulge all the desires they never would have admitted.

Daniel Freeman finds his roommate Alec Grey passed out on the couch from partying (again), and decides to jerk off while watching him. Boldly Daniel licks Alec’s ear and arm, kisses his back, and nibbles his butt cheek. Somehow Alec doesn’t even wake up when Daniel curls Alec’s hand around his cock and fucks it. He sleeps through Daniel stripping him, sticking a lollipop in his hole, and licking up the sticky sweetness. Finally, Alec awakes to find Daniel’s dick in his face, and he doesn’t mind that dick sliding down into his throat. Daniel grabs a condom and fucks his ass. That gets Alec moving at last, and he cums on himself while riding Daniel’s dick.

Alex Waters wants to borrow his roommate Dylan Hauser’s iPod while he works out. Dylan won’t wake up to lend it to him, so Alex decides to borrow his asshole instead! Alex stealthily strips Dylan and plays with his cock and ass, and Dylan gets an unexpected but welcome wakeup call. They fuck in several positions till they pop.

Trent Diesel watches Lucas Vitello sleeping on his stomach in bed, with no sheets to cover his sweet, straight ass. Lucas awakes to find Trent sucking his cock while jerking off, and he takes the opportunity to taste Trent’s dick too. Trent fucks that Latin ass all sorts of ways!

Dante Ferraro offers to make a salad for Seth Roberts, whom he finds fast asleep. While Seth naps, Dante slowly strips him from the waist down, then sucks and rims him. When Seth finally wakes up, he’s only mildly surprised when Dante pulls down his shorts and tells him to suck. He takes Dante’s dick up his ass in several positions.

Finally, Braxton Bond and Christian Wilde are sexy guys sharing a flat, but there’s nothing flat about their fucking when Braxton gets a hot wake-up call. Horny, gorgeous Christian watches Braxton napping on the couch until he can no longer resist the temptation to strip and suck him. Braxton turns over in his sleep, but that only gives Christian the chance to fondle and rim his tight, straight-boy ass. When Braxton wakes up, he’s surprised but happy to suck and fuck.

A roommate can be more than just that guy who sleeps in the next room, shares your refrigerator, and splits the rent with you. He can be your live-in fuck buddy, too.

Stars:   Seth Roberts   Dante Ferraro   Alec Grey   Alex Waters   Dylan Hauser   Lucas Vitello   Braxton Bond   Trent Diesel   Christian Wilde   Daniel Freeman
Studio Name:   Driveshaft