New Naked Sword Series: Frat House Cream

Frat House CreamCollege has been back in session for a while now and there’s been time for fratboys to settle into the new year. In Naked Sword’s new original series, Frat House Cream, frat boy Kev (Hunter Page) gets caught in a series of increasingly startling sexual situations, culminating in one last scene involving someone from his past.

In the debut episode of the series, Kev seems to be stuck in the K.O.K. house while all of his brothers are out for the night, but soon he gets a feeling he’s not really alone. A voice behind him makes Kev jump, but it turns out it’s just Rudy (Marco Russo), porn star Johnny Torque, and a webcam. To entertain Kev and to show off, Rudy and Johnny give the shut-in a live sex show.

Coming up in future episodes, we’ll see Kev getting locked in a moving van during a threeway with Connor Maguire and Ray Han. We’ll watch Kev’s fellow K.O.K. brothers Doug Acre and Lucas Knight fucking each other at the Powerhouse underwear night, too far away to hear his desperate pleas for help. Finally, after escaping back into the K.O.K. house, he finds himself face to face with sir psycho sexy himself, a stalker who returns from Kev’s past to share some kinky power play with the “little sub.”

For each of the next three weeks, look out a new episode of Frat House Cream to be released exclusively on our theater.

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