Next Door Exclusive Mark Long

mark long, next door, exclusive, porn, big dick, topNext Door Studios exclusive model Mark Long could be the well-hung top of your dreams. With his nine delicious inches of man meat, he is always hard and ready to breed some raw male ass.

Mark loves to fuck outside, as seen in Nature Lovers. He goes hunting on a camping trip with his hot buddy Christian Cayden. After spending that much time wielding a phallic symbol, it makes them want to see the loaded guns they’re packing inside their pants.

In Ass on Delivery, Mark’s pizza delivery boy is a huge fan of his work. It happens all the time, but not every excited fan is as hot as young James Dickson. At first Mark pretends he’s not the porn star that James thinks he is, but then he discovers that he doesn’t have enough cash to give the pizza boy a tip. He doesn’t want to leave the guy empty handed, so instead of money he gives him much more than a tip. James gets all nine inches of Mark’s famous sausage. It’s a good thing pizza reheats well in an oven, but can you think of a better reason to delay your dinner?

mark long, big dick, gay, porn, next door, exclusive, top, tattooedThe Balls of Wall Street, one of Next Door’s most high-profile releases of the year, features Mark as an inventor who’s finally landed a meeting with a potential investor, sexy Damien Michaels. Mark finds that he needs unorthodox tactics to keep Damien’s attention. He gets Damien talking and finds that he’s distracted because his divorce just became final that morning. Mark convinces Damien to put the meeting on hold and go relax with some drinks. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed at Damien’s house, where Mark delivers a good hard fuck that’s just the thing to help a guy feel happier.

In the AEBN exclusive Breed Me, Stranger, Jack Hunter calls for help when he thinks there might be an intruder at his rural home. Mark shows up and let’s just say he puts the “firm” in “security firm.” Jack sees that bulge in the guard’s pants and decides that there’s no sense in having this fine male specimen come all the way out to his house for a false alarm, so he offers up his ass. There’s a cute twist ending to this hot scene, but we don’t want to spoil it for you!

Mark is always down to breed some raw male ass with his nine-inch cock. He’s still relatively new to porn, having done ten movies since his debut last year. If his career so far is any indication of the future, then he’s going to be one to watch, and hopefully for a long time to come.

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