On the Wet Spot with Kyler Moss

Exclusive Boy Crush model Kyler Moss is a versatile twink who started performing when he was just 18 years old. Kyler is from San Antonio, Texas and possesses a dark-haired, sloe-eyed, heart-stopping beauty courtesy of his Ecuadorian, German, and Italian heritage. He’s small and skinny of stature, but not when it comes to his 8″ uncut cock! Fans and fellow performers alike have been clamoring for more Kyler ever since he emerged on the gay porn scene. And noe we’re here to help with a little Q&A with this gorgeous gay to let you know a little more about the personality behind those soulful eyes!


You’re making dinner – what are we having?

Chicken Shawarmas! My signature dish, lol.

Your favorite T-Shirt says:
“Love is a verb here.” I found it one day at a thrift store.

I think my best physical feature is:
I’ve always thought my eyes were kind of mysterious and hauntingly seductive
My favorite physical feature on someone else is:
A nice defined jaw line.

Do you have any sports you follow? Who are you rooting for?
Never been the sporty type.

The easiest thing you can do to make me happy is:
Play me a song on your acoustic guitar.

Favorite place to vacation is:
San Francisco. Fell in love with the city my first time visiting this year and have sworn to eventually live in SF one day.

Last scene I shot was:
Full of $100 bills being smeared into my cum-dripping face.

You totally want me to do this to you in bed (because I’m really, really good at it!):
Show you how my gag reflex no longer works.

You really want to do this to me in bed (because it turns me on!):
Using your brute male instinct to pin me down and take me any you want it without any regards to my objections. I want to be your human fuck toy you use and cum on and then throw to the floor.

What’s would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?
I do often fantasize about being fucked while at gunpoint. I’ve always felt the ultimate fantasy is unachievable because there is always an infinite amount of sexual experiences a human can have in their life span.

Do you have a favorite person sex toy?
No, I don’t own any designer dildos…

You and I go out for drinks — what’s your preferred beverage?
If I drank, WHICH I DON’T, a Mickey’s 40oz. 😉

Boxers, Whitey tighties, Jockstrap or Commando?
Boxer briefs and boxers on those days I just feel like letting it all hang out. 😉

What’s your unique fetish that most don’t know about?
I really enjoy roleplaying. Mostly rape scenarios that lead to me being a tortured sex slave. I also find bukkake films to be most arousing along with scenes involving priests, felching, humiliation, (faux) gun/knife play. I’ve always wanted to give water sports a run, lol…

Single or spoke for?
Single and not really looking.

Favorite model you’ve worked with?
Bryan Slater 😉

If you were given three wishes, what would they be?
1. To possess the ability to make people fall in love with me at will.
2. Eliminate all injustice in the world
3. To have the ability to play every instrument.

What movie can you watch over and over?
John Waters’s Polyester 

What’s your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?
New Years! With good friends and lots of champagne!

What’s your favorite thing to do away from the business?
Exploring different muses in which I can express all that goes on in my overly active imagination.

There are three foods left in the world you get to eat, what would they be?
1. Orange chicken from Panda Express
2. Pizza rolls
3. Ringpops

We’re lying in your bed, what do I see in your room?
Let’s see…a beaded curtain leading into my room; a huge Janis Joplin poster; Grateful Dead tapestry; wall clings that depict a swarm of bats above my headboard; thick black curtains….on my night stand to the right of my bed is a plastic human skull wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears…sitting on top of my recent read Alister Crowley’s Diary of Drug Fiend…pink lava lamp, and a Hello Kitty alarm clock.

What’s your idea of a romantic date?
Going to rave and basically fucking on the dance floor till the sun comes up.


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