Featured star: Hot Canadian bottom Beau Reed

beau reed, canadian, bottom, gay, porn, ass, bubble buttCanada has given the world some pretty hot men, such as Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, but today we are taking a look at one of our favorites in the skin trade, Beau Reed. This native of Petrolia, Ontario got his start in the gay porn business in 2015 and has appeared in dozens of hot scenes that feature his bottoming prowess. He’s a regular pig and he loves taking it raw.

So insatiable is Beau’s desire for seed that he gets hold of his previous owner, Luke Harrington, when his Daddy doesn’t answer his texts in Lost in Temptation: Seeded Slut Boy (Big Daddy’s Big Media). Beau and Daddy have an agreement that Beau can call on other tops for a breeding—with Daddy’s permission. Maybe this one time won’t matter. Beau is willing to take that chance because he has missed Luke’s 9×6 dick a lot! Wouldn’t you? When Luke invites him over, Beau is happy to get on his knees and suck that XL cock. Luke breeds and seeds Beau for old time’s sake, and then Beau rushes back home, feeling guilty and certain that his Daddy is going to find out what he has done. (more…)

Movie Review: Ass-Fucking Alpha Males

ass-fucking alpha males, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, bareback, euro, Dylan James, James Castle, Bogdan Gromov, Michael Roman, Bulrog, Andrey Vic, Jon Bae, Ricky Verez, Klim Gromov, Sergeant Miles, Ace EraLucas Entertainment’s stable of powerful tops is here to dominate greedy bottoms in Ass-Fucking Alpha Males, our featured movie of the week.

Bogdan Gromov is James Castle’s lucky young lover. Aside from the fact that he gets to have sex with this stunning male specimen, Bogdan is also getting a surprise threeway because James called up Dylan James to come over tonight. Dylan is the alpha male in this threesome. He assumes the role of a boss who caught employees lounging in bed and gives them a working over. Dylan jerks off for a minute as he watches the couple make out, but then he gets naked, joins them in bed, and penetrates both boyfriends before he and James take turns fucking both of Bogdan’s holes. James is a scruffy Daddy with some silver in his dark hair. Bogdan, a chiseled blond, thoroughly enjoys being owned. Dylan is a handsome guy with detailed tattoos and a nine-inch cock. Moans, gasps, and lip-smacking sucks and licks enhance the intensely sensual action. (more…)

Featured star: Gorgeous Latin top Drae Axtell

drae axtell, latin, puerto rican, big dickMany of the men in porn are good-looking, but Drae Axtell is on another level. This stunning Puerto Rican is so beautiful in face and body that his friends all told him he should get into porn. In 2015, he decided to take their advice and became an exclusive Lucas Entertainment model. We like to think the world got a little sexier as a result.

Drae is more than a pretty face. He’s more than sculpted muscles and a mouth-watering, eight-inch dick. Those are all the things that make you take a first look, but his powerful skills as a top make him a favorite performer among many porn fans.

Raw Latin Heat, released in August 2015, is Drae’s first sex scene. Veteran gay porn star Pedro Andreas is the lucky bottom who inducts the newbie into the ranks of Lucas men with a sweltering scene that is set in a leafy tropical paradise. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Dick

family dick, bareback network, daddy, twink, boy, teen, gay, porn, Austin Lock, Dr. Wolf, John Smith, Chris Smith, Dillon Smith, Alex KillianBareback Network gets the hottest real videos of stepdads and stepsons exploring taboo sex together. These twinks put their trust in their Daddies, resulting in some of the most ball-draining scenarios you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for raw Daddy/boy passion, then Family Dick has five scenes of what you need.

Dillon Smith, a hot college student, comes home for the weekend to find that his stepdad (John Smith) has passed out drunk and naked. It’s frustrating to see that Dad hasn’t changed his trashy ways and is still leaving his younger brother (Chris Smith) to fend for himself. When Dillon rolls Dad over, he finds a dildo there and decides to suck his dick, which is still a little hard somehow. Dad’s got a hot bear thing going on and Dillon is curious. Chris walks in to see Dillon just about to go down on their stepdad and starts flipping out. Thinking fast, Dillon decides to recruit his brother for some threeway taboo action, making him suck their dad’s cock. Dillon fucks Chris raw right then and there and blows a load on him. Somehow they never wake up Dad, even when Dillon teabags his forehead. (more…)