Featured Star: Liam Cyber

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In 2016, Liam Cyber told his Twitter followers, “You can settle for my body, but I’d rather give you my mind.” That’s the kind of soul and intensity that you can always expect from a Scorpio, and in fact, Liam was born on November 17th in Las Vegas.

This seriously sculpted, good-looking Black stud is compactly built when it comes to his height, but his dick is size XL. Liam delivers versatility and passion in every performance. He debuted in 2015, shooting a couple of web scenes as a top for Guys in Sweatpants. Within a year he was bottoming as well. You can see three of these early scenes in “Best of Liam Cyber Interracial Edition.” Augustine Mayor, Kyler, and Austin Wilde are his costars. (more…)

Movie Review: Let Me Fuck You

Next Door Buddies, Michael Del Ray, Markie More, Ricky Ridges, Jackson Reed, Tom Bentley, Mark Long, Quentin Gainz, Spencer LavalRocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile direct a hot cast of muscular young studs in “Let Me Fuck You” by Next Door Buddies.

Markie More is dating Michael Del Ray’s best friend. One day, Michael tells Markie that he’s got permission from said best friend to fuck Markie if they ever decide they want it. Well, Markie has definitely thought about it, but he doesn’t believe his boyfriend ever said that, so Michael makes a phone call so Markie can hear it firsthand. Markie’s boyfriend confirms Michael’s story, and the two guys waste no time jumping on their chance. Michael whips out his cock and assumes the dominant role, telling Markie to suck it. Markie pushes past the point where the massive member threatens to gag him, making Michael stiffen and grow even bigger in his mouth. Michael bends Markie over and buries his face in between those ass cheeks. Once he’s gotten the hole all wet with his tongue, Michael penetrates Markie and gives him a deep, powerful fuck in several positions. It looks like Markie gets a real shock from the size and girth! (more…)

Featured star: Scottie McWilliams

scottie mcwilliams, zander lane, twunk, gay, pornLately we’ve been seeing a lot of this week’s featured star, Scottie McWilliams, whom you might also recognize as Zander Lane. He began performing in 2015, when he did a handful of web scenes. His career kicked off in earnest last year as major studios began to cast him. Scottie’s primarily a bottom, but he has shown his versatile potential in recent scenes.

“Buddy System” from Falcon Studios is an example of Scottie’s higher-profile performances. His threeway with Devin Franco and Austin Wolf is one of the movie’s hottest scenes, earning them the coveted box cover photo. Totally perving out, Devin sniffs his used jockstrap while watching Scottie blow Austin. Three will be more fun than two, Austin decides, and it simply would be rude to leave Devin out of the fun. Austin and Scottie make room for Devin in their bed, giving Austin the chance to fuck both of their holes. Scottie and Devin share Austin’s huge load in their mouths.

“Men POV 7” (Driveshaft/Men POV) pairs Scottie up with Colin Marshall. (more…)

Movie Review: Helmut’s Accidental Lovers

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Helmut Huxley is beautiful in the way that all Bel Ami boys are beautiful, which is to say that he looks like he shed his angel wings and stepped off a canvas to walk among humans. It would be no accident if anyone were to find himself in bed with this gorgeous specimen of Czech twunkdom, but let’s just suspend our disbelief while we consider “Helmut’s Accidental Lovers” from Bel Ami. Each scene is filled with golden-skinned, full-lipped, smooth-bodied gorgeousness.

After an interview full of dry humor, a retelling of several injuries he’s had on ski/snowboarding trips, and a joking plea for money to help him replace the snowboard that he broke, we get to watch Helmut sensually play with himself. He puts on a good show of slowly pulling out his uncut cock and stroking it to full hardness, thrusting as though fucking an imaginary ass in front of him while two-handing it. In the end, he tastes some of his load and lies back down, softly moaning. (more…)