Partners in Crime

Partners in CrimeThe bad boys are the good guys in “Partners in Crime.” As members of the NYPD, these black stallions really know how to serve and protect. The only problem is that Internal Affairs is investigating them for fraternizing with fellow officers in an inappropriate manner! They know how to have fun with the nightsticks that nature provided them, and if you love a man in a uniform, you can’t go wrong.

Officer Nubius wants a quickie before work in scene one. With about an hour before his shift starts, there is time for plenty of incredibly hot oral attention from his lover, a tight-assed bottom. You also get plenty of extreme close-ups of the bottom boy’s hairy hole, sopping wet with saliva, getting probed with multiple fingers. By the time Nubius starts fucking his lover, it’s no longer a quickie and we can assume he’ll need to hurry if he wants to be at work on time! This scene is sensual and nasty in a very good way.

In scene two, a simple strip search between Officer Paris and a fellow officer turns into a complete cavity search. Not that we’re complaining, but how many times have you seen a cop with a lip piercing? This is a fun, hot scene. Those who enjoy solos will want to have a look at scene three, in which “internal affairs” officer Lt. Hot Rod conducts a thorough investigation of his own firm body and huge erection while looking at some naked photos of a hard-bodied brother. Finally, Officer Kidd is being investigated for rooming with another officer and as you can see, even a simple “Hi, honey, how was your day?” conversation can turn into very sexy conduct unbecoming of police officers.

Off the clock, why can’t cops fuck each other if they want? “New York’s Finest” need love, too. You’ll definitely be inspired to look for your own “boy in blue” after watching this.

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