Payback’s a Bitch 3

Payback's A Bitch 3Pitbull Productions is back with director Jalin Fuentes bringing us 127-minutes of big dicks, rough threeways and an ensemble full of ripped thugs that could make anyone a fan of black porn.

Well-known black porn stars like Intrigue and Phoenix make up the ranks of this, the third “Payback’s A Bitch” feature, loosely connected with the concept of the revenge fuck.

While it might not be a sequel connected by concrete story, it’s certainly united with the previous two in the seemingly rough and heavy-handed treatment these couples and threeways inflict on each other – and what kind of black porn would it be without some attitude and dirty talk like these boys deliver?

Mostly set in lounge rooms and bedrooms, there’s little to distract from the fucking, sucking and hot, creamy facials that make up the film’s five scenes. In this way, it’s similar to most examples of race-specific porn.

Pitbull knows their market – and their viewers don’t care about epic production values – this is all about the man-on-man action and more specifically the dynamic between the guys.

The threeway between Intrigue, Cornbread and P.B. in scene three is likely to be popular with viewers, but all the couplings are pretty solid.

If straight forward thugporn without the bells and whistles is your cup of mocha, you’ll no doubt enjoy this newest addition.

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