Pierre Fitch, Revisited

We’ve featured Pierre Fitch more than once, but our lust for this Canadian just won’t quit. It’s safe to say many of you feel the same way, judging by his continuing popularity.


Pierre has to be the hottest thing ever to come out of Cornwall, Ontario. He was born November 1, 1981 and is a quintessential sex-driven Scorpio hottie. Though only 5’6″, he’s endowed with an eight-inch cock and smoldering sex appeal.


On his 18th birthday, Pierre sent photos and a profile to several adult studios. It only took a few days before he was flying to his first porno shoot. Though his cute twink, he decided to start working on his muscles. By the time he moved into full-length pornos in 2004, Pierre was a hot young stud with a great body. His first film was Born 2 B Bad, released by Falcon Studios.


After coming out to his parents when he was 19, Pierre moved to Toronto and began working in earnest as a porn star. Thanks to his charisma, good looks, beautiful cock, and versatility, he got everyone’s attention and became one of the most talked-about gay porn stars.


Early in his career Pierre was a Falcon exclusive and made some of his most-watched movies with them, including Big Dick Club and Through the Woods (still one of the most beautiful box covers he’s done). Even though Pierre enjoyed working for Falcon, as his popularity grew he started to think about forming his own company so that he might keep more of his earnings.


In 2006 Pierre and his then-significant other Ralph Woods launched a production company. Pierre and Ralph were at the time one of the most recognized couples in gay porn. The two were said to have married in their native Canada in 2005, but after they broke up in September 2007, shortly before the release of their first studio-produced film, Pierre admitted that they had never been legally married. You can see them at their best as an onscreen pair in Back Together. In spite of their relationship ending, the two of them remained close.

So far Pierre has been nominated for two GayVN awards, both in 2006, one for Best Actor and the other for Best Duo Scene with Gus Maddox for Through the Woods. In 2007 Pierre won a Cybersocket Award for Best Porn Star Site, reflecting his dedication to maintaining an online spot to connect with his fans.


Most recently, Pierre has appeared in a couple of movies that emphasize that big, beautiful cock of his and just how well he can use it. Born This Way from Benny Morecock features him on the box cover in a very nice come-hither pose that’s just a teaser for the hard-driving suck and fuck he delivers in scene one. In All Star Studs from Lucas Entertainment, he pounds Brandon Jones’ hole in a deep, delicious scene that we can’t stop watching.


Besides his work as a porn star and director, Pierre is a multifaceted star with his own brand of lube and a line of sex toys. He’s also a world-traveling DJ specializing in House, Tribal, and Progressive House music. Whether he’s getting us off, making us dance, or spicing up our sex lives with lube and toys, Pierre Fitch is a superstar who keeps us eager to see his next move.

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