Pierre Fitch & the Scorpio Twins

Pierre Fitch and the Scorpio Twins

Pierre Fitch and the Scorpio Twins

At Goodhandy’s nightclub in Toronto, drag diva/director Mandy Goodhandy and porn stud Pierre Fitch discovered two cute, athletic, identical twins at a party that Pierre was hosting and got them to star in a movie. The result is “Pierre Fitch and the Scorpio Twins.” These straight but clearly not narrow twins from small-town Canada are the stuff that pornographic dreams are made of, truly. You can mainly tell James Scorpio and Peter Scorpio apart by their tattoos. Hearing them talk frankly about playing doctor when they were younger is a thrill, as is watching them strip each other, pose provocatively for photos, and give each other kisses that are just past the point of chaste without crossing a line. Naked in their bodies and in their honesty, these twink twins are hung and ready. They’re Scorpios, after all.

It’s a turn-on watching them jerk off, and Pierre and his boyfriend Julien Cox can’t resist getting their hard dicks out too. Things heat up when Pierre and Julien pose with the twins, aiming their dicks at these virgin holes. Then the twins get head from their more experienced counterparts, who can’t wait until the sex in a later scene. In scene two, all four get into a shower for hot, soapy, wet foreplay and kissing.

Watch the brothers get their asses ready with dildos in scene three – one of them seems to have done this before. In scene four, Pierre and Julien rejoin them to start the action in earnest. First it’s an oral daisy chain with Pierre and Julien each taking a twin. James and Peter each hold a leg while Pierre fucks Julien, who sucks both twins’ dicks simultaneously. Pierre and Julien switch. All the fucking leads to the climax, when gorgeous Julien takes three loads on his face and body while adding his own to the sticky mix.

The last scene is some bonus footage of the Scorpio Twins shooting promo stuff for their appearance at Pierre’s “Tabernac!” night at Goodhandy’s, which took place in February 2010. There’s also preview footage for the twins’ further adventures in their second movie, “Double Trouble,” also from Goodhandy’s Mayhem North Productions.

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