Platoon Party 2

Platoon Party 2“Platoon Party 2” was released in summer 2005 and has been steadily popular with porn fans ever since. When you see what this group of soldiers gets up to – especially a shaven-headed hottie named Zarek – you’ll feel a strange desire to hang out at bars near military bases, hoping to pick up a few of your own soldiers to reenact these scenes.

The first group fuck features Shane, Zarek, Kent, and Craig. Following some trash-talking between director Dink Flamingo and the guys, they finally start getting naked. They’ve had straight porn playing on a huge TV this whole time, which has helped them get and stay hard. At first the guys split up into twos so they can ease into the man-on-man action with some cock sucking before they all join up for an orgy.

Zarek, a bald-headed soldier with a piercing in his pretty lower lip, hasn’t done this in about two years but it’s clear that sucking a cock, for him, was like riding a bicycle: he forgot nothing he learned. Watching Zarek make love to a dick with his mouth is one of the hottest things this writer has seen in any Active Duty title to date – no wonder this movie remains so popular with our viewers at AEBN!

When they all get together, it turns into an oral sex daisy chain. Dink films it from some intimate angles so we can all enjoy it nearly as much as if we were watching it live and in person. With guys who are this hot, that’s a great thing.

After the prolonged and extremely erotic oral session, it’s time to pop some soldier cherries! If you like seeing straight guys who really enjoy getting their virgin asses pounded, then this movie is going to have you overflowing with… let’s call it creamy white joy. Seeing Zarek then get his asshole fucked after two years’ absence from porn is even more exciting.

In the last scene, a cute, dark-haired, young piece of ass they decide to call “Unks” (short for Unknown Soldier) warily joins the party. Dink tells them not to leave Unks off the bed until he gets back or they’re all fired, and he brings back a girl who is there to fuck Unks after he’s proved himself worthy by getting his cherry popped. Things get a little chaotic while they all get ready for action and coach Unks along into cooperating. He starts out refusing to suck cock or get anything stuck in his ass – maybe he didn’t know what he was getting into – but eventually some of the other guys turn Unks into their bottom boy for a night.

Excluding Unks, everybody in this movie is truly into the action, including Dink – you can hear him breathing heavy behind the camera several times through the first two-thirds of the movie. When you consider that he’s within touching distance of these guys but isn’t getting involved, it’s no wonder he’s so turned on!

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