Project GoGo Boy

Project GoGo BoyCockyboys’ Project Gogo Boy is a gay porn reality show that has the entertaining strip club setting of Showgirls and the drama of the classic Bette Davis film, All About Eve.

A star gogo dancer who’s been at the top always has to handle younger, possibly hotter competition. He has to defend his superstar status. In the hustle of New York City, this is even truer than it is anywhere else. Super-sexy Jake Bass has to contend with Max Ryder, a blond twink who’s willing to fuck his way to the top, starting with celebrity DJ Pierre Fitch. You can tell that Max loves sucking and riding such a big, juicy rod! But while Pierre is preoccupied, his neglect of the DJ booth ruins Jake’s set.

Next, we visit a seedier club where owners Tommy Defendi and Sebastian Young take advantage of dancer Seth Knight’s willingness to fuck them both for a better schedule. But what if he’s the one doing the using?

Jake hooks up with former dancer Stephen Forest. It turns out Jake has a policy never to date other gogo boys, so he schemed and manipulated to get Stephen demoted to iPad boy – he goes around the club signing patrons up to a mailing list. Stephen doesn’t seem to care that his dancing days are over, judging by the lusty fuck that he and Jake share.

In the wake of Max’s hookup with Pierre, Jake has been spreading rumors about his young rival. When Max finds out, he’s pissed but the rivals eventually try to make peace. Jake even helps Max with some advice, telling him to help out at the club before opening and practice on the pole in his free time. Max seeks guidance from nurturing club owner/guru Gabriel Lenfant on how to be a better person, not just a better dancer. Gabriel leads his dancers in a yoga session that turns into one of this series’ most infamous scenes: the “Yoga Orgy.” It concludes with Gabriel fucking his star pupil Max in the middle of a circle jerk – HOT!

Every good reality series has a reunion special. Legendary drag queen Hedda Lettuce interviews Jake, Max, and Pierre about the drama that went down during filming. Afterward, we learn the truth about Jake and Max’s relationship in another erotic fuck scene that brings Project GoGo Boy to a fabulous finish.

The non-sex aspects are just as interesting as the fucking. As for the sex… oh please, you know it’s hot coming from these guys. Project GoGo Boy is full of twinks and studs who know how to please!

Running Time:   143 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Cockyboys
Director:   Jake Jaxson
Stars:   Jake Bass   Max Ryder   Ben Rose   Hedda Letuce   Stephen Forest   Pierre Fitch   Sebastian Young   Phoenix Young   Tommy Defendi   Gabriel Lenfant   Seth Knight   Arnaud Chagall
Categories: Twink   Anal   Safe Sex

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