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You’ve done over 15 movies for Raging Stallion and for Black Scorpion. You’re now an exclusive for Raging Stallion, how was this transition between Black Scorpion and Raging?

D.O.: Yes, I believe I’ve done 16 movies. My first steps were with Black Scorpion Video and now with Raging Stallion and Falcon. It was great to start with Black Scorpion because they were new in the business and so was I, so I felt very comfortable in all senses. They wanted to make beautiful movies in great locations with the hottest models, and there I was taking the main flag of the company and using all that I knew to seduce them and the audience. It was a great experience. They made me feel like a real star. Now, with Chris Ward, I just feel I am the best performer in the industry ever. He took me on a non-stop trip to the top.

You looked smoother and younger with Black Scorpion. With Raging, you grew a beard, you stopped shaving your body, you look more masculine and tough, is it something that you’ve wanted to do, were these changes planned?

D.O.: I like changing all the time, from my look, to my work, but when it comes from feelings and my people, I never change. My people are from Argentina, my family and boyfriend will be around me as long as I can keep them with me. But, yes, they asked to me to let my hair grow out and I accepted in a heartbeat.

Is there a difference between shooting for Raging Stallion and shooting for Black Scorpion?

D.O.: Well, Raging Stallion is all about hard sex and all the fetish, Black Scorpion was about being beautiful and having fun in a great location with a great team of models. That’s why at the time both of the companies were working so close, because they have different oriented targets.

So far, what would you say is what you consider to be your best movie or scene?

D.O.: From Black Scorpion, I would say Sex Hiker, and from the last year with Raging Stallion, I love my scene from Giants Part 1 with Francesco D’Macho and Logan McCree. They’re the hottest performers ever.

What really made you want to work in the porn industry in the first place?

D.O.: I was looking for a radical change. And I decided to go to the edge and take the risk in the adult entertainment. Why porn?  Because I’m a big porn consumer and I knew there was a big professional industry waiting for me out there, and I had all I needed to be a number one in the business. So, I came to NY to take my chances. And, here I am with the best porn company contract ever, the best directors, V.I.P. treatment and with all the freedom to decide what I want or don’t want to do.

Why have you decided to become an exclusive?

D.O.: Because being an exclusive gives me the right situation to get what I want: a professional environment and the possibility to get to the top with the support of a big company.

Your first scenes were for Black Scorpion, were you nervous at the time, how did it go for you on the set, with other actors, etc.?

D.O.: Everything was new for them to. So, as I was a mainstream fashion model and TV host, they give me all I wanted to make me feel that I was just shooting just another TV spot, but naked with a bunch of hot models. After being a fashion model and on a TV show for three years on mainstream TV in Argentina, everyone was expecting me to step into regular acting or hosting another show, but for me that was like being stuck in the same place forever without the chance to experience different situations around the world.

In general, what can you tell us about your experience in the porn industry so far?

D.O.: In my case, it was kind of easy and very productive, because I had a professional background, and I really knew how to use it to my benefit. So, everyone treated me with such a respect that it really surprised me, and I’m very, very thankful for that.

Do your friends and family in Argentina know that you’re doing gay porn, and what do they think of it?

D.O.: Of course! The day I decided to have my first experience (in porn) I went to my mom’s house and told her. She is an architect and teacher in the national university for almost 30 years, and both of my sisters teach too.  My father died when I was 11, he was an architect too.  I always say that we are what we feel inside, not what we do for a living. They knew that I decided to do this because I’d find the right ways to do it, without losing my integrity as a human being while respecting my feelings and being professional as I always was.  I can totally say I have the greatest family and friends in the whole world, because if after this they stay with me, they trust and respect me WITHOUT A DOUBT!

You’re from South America. For the last 5 or 6 years, we’ve seen a lot of gay actors coming from Latin America, doing porn as never before. What, in your opinion, changed the trend and made it possible for young Latinos to start doing porn in the US and in Europe?

D.O.: Well I don’t think it is a new thing just In South America. In fact, once I went to the US and Europe, I realized how big the industry was around the world, and the adult business is getting big in Latin America as well.

You’ve done 2 military themed movies with Raging (Night Maneuvers and Don’t Ask, Just Fuck), is the military theme something that you’ve liked to explore?

D.O.: Not really.  I like all scenarios!

You have done some vanilla with Black Scorpion and some rougher stuff (military) with Raging Stallion, but what kind of other kinky stuff would you eventually do if asked?

D.O.: I like romantic and hardcore too, depending on the partner and the chemistry on set.

What is your favorite position?

D.O.: Legs up, down, on the side, knees. It always depends.

What would be your dream scene, your fantasy come true? And who would be your dream partner, is there an actor that you’d really want to shoot with?

D.O.: I have done more than one fantasy with this job, believe me!!!  Just watch my latest movies J

Finally, you’ve said that you’re in a monogamous relationship with your boyfriend for about 4 years, how do you reconcile your porn career with your personal life?

D.O.: I met my boyfriend at the same time I was planning all this, and he made it clear: “You are much more than what you do for a living.”  So, it was love at first sight, and we are like a regular, common and normal couple, because he knows I’m just doing work, this is my job. And like my family, he trusts and respects me.   All real, great relationships are about trust and respect.  And here we are, about to celebrate our 5-year anniversary.

Tell us a bit about the latest projects you’re doing?

D.O.: Last December I released my first book, FREEDOM. It really represents me. It is a coffee table book, where 20 photographers were able to create with me an exclusive portfolio and express their self through me as the subject.  I’m raising the money to help in HIV research. In the next weeks, I’m about to release the second Book named “THE HOT VERSION” with all the sexiest photos from all of the photographers. You can get it around the world on blurb.com. http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/1865210#store-price

My boyfriend and I also have a restaurant in Buenos Aires, where people can enjoy our special menu twice a week. We change the menu every weekend, and we have the best Argentinian cuisine and international dishes. We make our own bread (not that I have personally made it)  and the place is so cute.   You can check out the restaurant at its website   http://gargolasalonprivado.blogspot.com/

Here it is my blog page, Please take a look to and have a full up dated vision of what I’m doing,  www.dionisioheiderscheid.blogspot.com Please stay in touch with me on Twitter: @CLUBDIONISIO.

All my best for all of you and the fans, and thank you so much for being interested in what I’m doing!

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