Red Hot Bathroom Fuck

Red Hot Bathroom FuckThe adventures of daddy silver fox Cole Maverick and his muscleboy partner Maverick Man (Hunter) have become a real phenomenon for Maverickman22 Productions considering how quick and easy their titles must be to produce. They really appeal to those that love intergenerational sex with a rough flavor. The studio’s already extensive series of amateur-filmed interactions, including the incredible “Virgin Cherry Popped: Gone Camping,” have quickly gone from being based on tube sites to being released on DVD and VOD formats.

While their Cherry Popped series specifically focused on “breaking-in” a hot young virgin twink with both guys taking turns on his untouched ass with condomless cock, they’ve moved beyond that a little with their most recent endeavour “Red Hot Bathroom Fuck” – but there’s still that older/younger feel to the action, so don’t fret.

A few of their boys looked like they could buckle under that rough fuck, but the star of this film, Lil T, is a little more experienced. His tongue trick, for instance, is very cool. He can deep throat all nine thick inches down to the bush and at the same time tickle your balls with his tongue. After the boys make him do that a few times, they pop him up onto the sink and savagely fuck ass bareback.

Fans of the series will know the guys like to get very rough with their young meat, so their new friends have to have a certain level of willingness in order to go with the aggressive interaction, and Lil T is certainly up to the task here.

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