Red-hot versatile top Connor Maguire

connor maguire, gay porn, topHere’s a strapping stud of Celtic and Scandinavian blood, standing six feet two inches tall and weighing over 200 pounds. His name is Connor Maguire, not to be confused with the 2nd Earl of Enniskillen of the same name who took part in the Irish Rebellion of 1641. As much as we love a good rebellious nobleman, this Connor Maguire is probably a hell of a lot sexier.

Connor started doing porn about four years ago when he was 19. Always a natural attention seeker, he found the prospect of being watched and jerked off to hugely exciting. With his body, his dark red hair, and his mouth-watering uncut dick, there were instantly a lot of guys who were just as happy to watch as he is to perform. Connor describes his sexual orientation as “greedy,” and he’s had bisexual sex in real life as well as onscreen.

He quickly won some fans with his first military porn scene for Factory Video Productions/Cum Pig Men, titled Slurping Seamen. Connor’s got that rugged sexiness that really works for playing a soldier, and he returned to the military genre in 2013’s Cock Of Dutyfrom Fratmale.

One of Connor’s all-time most popular scenes to this day is a threeway with twins Liam and Luca Rosso in Spitting Image: Twin Trouble from Chi Chi LaRue’s Channel 1 Releasing. The Rosso twins are physical manifestations of sexual spirits who lure men into erotic encounters. Connor and the brothers make one hell of a tasty sandwich.

As a frequent KinkMen performer, Connor has given us plenty to get off on with his “Officer Maguire” persona. Bound Gods: Fresh Meat Inmate for Office Maguire is one of several movies that feature him dishing out BDSM torments to hot men.

Connor’s stunning looks, performance skills, and charisma have made him a favorite in feature porn, including Rock Candy Films’ The Massage Parlor: The Homophobic Quarterback. He plays a college football star who gets a full release from massage therapist Jesse Colter. If you want to watch Connor get romantic and sensual with boyfriend Mike De Marco (who doesn’t?) then you’re going to love Iconmale’s Guys Kissing Guys.

Here are five of the most-watched Connor Maguire movies that are streaming on our VOD theater.

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