Review: Rocco Steele’s “Dad Goes to Prison”

dad goes to prison, rocco steele, dirk caber, dragon media, barebackWhen you click on Rocco Steele’s Dad Goes to Prison” from Dragon Media, settle in for some deep, hard, rough bareback sex with mature men. You can almost smell the pheromones and feel the smooth, hard metal of the bars through your screen.

Dirk Caber has been thrown in the slammer. By the way, it’s called that for a good reason! The scenes of condom-free ass slamming are so intense that you must see them to believe them. From the moment the cell door closes behind Dirk, a.k.a. Dad, he’s in for a world of butt hurt that is strangely enjoyable for him. It’s definitely enjoyable for us, the audience, as the prison guard takes out his cock, tells Dad that he’s been a bad boy, and gives him a whole other level of punishment.

When men are stuck together behind gates and bars, they look around for some relief from their blue balls. Waking up with wood is a daily occurrence for these inmates. It’s a good thing they and the guards are all down for some raw man sex. The face fucking and ass penetration, the body cavity searches, the humiliation and domination are all just the beginning of the fun. “Dad Goes to Prison” is a relentless fuckathon, a cumshot-o-rama that we totally recommend.

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Stars:   Rocco Steele   Jack Dixon   Riley Mitchel   Sean Harding   Aaron Trainer   Jake Marshall   Dirk Caber   Sean Duran
Studio Name:   Dragon Media

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