Rising Star: Harry Louis

Harry Louis is taking off like a rocket with porn fans these days, and really all you have to do is look at him if you want to understand why. This self-described “natural Brazilian boy” is utterly perfect, from his dark hair, deep brown eyes, and gorgeous face to his muscles, particularly the one called the love muscle. He has a long, thick tool that will make you drool. Those mischievous, dark features show off Harry’s Latin heritage and his sculpted body tells the tale of many hours spent honing those muscles to perfection. To put it simply, we think Harry has the body and face of a god. Best of all, his performances prove that he’s not just the kind of guy who is best enjoyed in still photos.


Born in Brazil, Harry was raised in Europe. He began his porn career in Spain and has lived in London since 2006. As a result of this change of scenery, we have gotten the chance to see Harry’s gleaming perfection on display in UKNakedMen.com movies like the big dick-themed London Massive and its recent sequel (featuring Harry on the cover).


One of his most popular movies since its release this past spring, FUCK is a glam yet utterly filthy sex fest brought to us the way only Lucas Entertainment does it. His other Lucas movies include the white collar porn flick After Hours and the thrilling feature Trapped in the Game.


With just over a dozen films to his name since his debut, Harry has left us all drooling for more. He seems to understand that giving us only a little of himself will always keep us hungry! If you’re ever feeling like you need your Harry fix and you’re in the mood to see him in a different context, you’d probably be interested to know he’s also a fashion model and has done plenty of hot photo shoots for gay magazines. Maybe it’s this side career that found him crossing paths with his currently rumored love interest, fashion designer Marc Jacobs.


As a domestic kind of guy, Harry likes baking and cooking. He enjoys hosting dinner parties at home for his closest friends. Music and movies – non-porn – are two of his favorite interests.


Soon you’ll be able to get an inside look at Harry’s life on his official site at harrylouis.net. For now, you can follow Harry’s popular blog.

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