RockstarFalcon Studios’ Rockstar is an essential part of your weekend viewing, and you can only see it on our theater network.

Paddy’s manager Alex Graham is negotiating a contract with concert promoter Colby Chambers. Alex and Colby take a break from paperwork to jump each other’s bones. Sleek Colby notices muscular Alex’s hard-on and is quickly on his knees, engulfing that uncut dick from lips to throat. They taste, fondle, and sniff all over each other’s hot bodies before ripping off their clothes and boning away on the couch. Alex’s cock pistons in and out of Colby’s eager asshole until they both unleash thick, generous puddles of cum on Alex’s stomach.

Handsome Ray Diaz has a carefree approach to getting fucked, and hanging out at a pool with Jimmy Durano is turning him on. Ray teases Jimmy by losing his swimsuit and making sure Jimmy gets a good look before diving into the water. Jimmy follows Ray into the pool and lays a hungry kiss on him in the shallow end. Lifting just enough of himself out of the pool, Jimmy gives Ray’s tongue a crack at his crack. Jimmy leads Ray to a shady spot, where Ray whips Jimmy into a frenzy with incredible blowjob skills. Fit to burst, Jimmy plunges his cock into that hole. After a break for Jimmy to taste Ray’s cock, they resume fucking all the way to a simultaneous cum-drenched finish.

Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are Paddy’s bodyguards. Standing in black uniforms in the California sun prompts Sebastian to get shirtless, revealing his flawless torso. Cal is gorgeous too, with a face that belongs on magazine covers. Each likes what he sees and they blow off their jobs for the chance to fuck. Cal buries Sebastian’s uncut cock in his face, down to the balls. Sebastian responds by sucking and rimming Cal. He invades Cal’s quivering hole with his rod and rocks both of their worlds – and yours too.

Groupie Joey Cooper is young, cute, and crafty enough to seize the moment when the bodyguards aren’t around. Rather than being creeped out by the fan who got past security, Paddy takes the chance to relieve his boredom and horniness with this twunk. Paddy claims to be straight, but he gets a hard-on when Joey demonstrates that he’s also a performer… a stripper, specifically. A fine ass is a fine ass when you’re this horny, so Paddy lets Joey introduce him to man-on-man sex. The first thing Joey wants to do is get his mouth around that cock, which is about as big around as his wrist. Paddy gets harder as Joey tongues his bunghole. With his thick meat slick with drool and pre-cum, Paddy has enough lube to slide right into Joey, who mounts him like a cowboy. Drunk with lust, Paddy buries his face in Joey’s bubble butt and licks hungrily – this is his first time eating ass on camera! Then he’s back to screwing his groupie until both of them shoot jets of cum

Paddy O’Brian fans, don’t miss his first time eating a man’s ass onscreen. Everybody else – it’s just hot as hell and it’s great for anyone who ever daydreamed of living the rock star life or just going backstage to fuck their idol.

Running Time:   100 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Andrew Rosen
Stars:   Cal Skye   Paddy O’Brian   Sebastian Rossi   Joey Cooper   Colby Chambers   Ray Diaz   Alex Graham   Jimmy Durano
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex

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