Sean Zevran’s big dick and muscles make us melt

sean zevran, ass, muscles, gay, pornWith his rock-hard muscles and all that body hair, Falcon Edge Exclusive Sean Zevran is an unbelievably fine specimen of male beauty. His long cock makes your mouth water. If you’re into muscles and big dicks (and you probably are, if you’re reading this), then you probably have already lost many a load to his scenes.

Born on August 02, 1988 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Sean spent a lot of time in his formative years helping raise dozens of horses on his parents’ farm in the Piney Woods region of East Texas. Aside from the physical exertion of tending to the horses and baling hay, he also built up quite a fit body running cross-country and track. Sean served in the Marine Corps reserve while he was in college. After he graduated with a degree in philosophy, Sean decided not to join the Marines full time and he definitely wasn’t ready to settle for some office job.

One of Sean’s friends sent some of his photos to Randy Blue and he was quickly cast in his first porn video. The company signed him as an exclusive model in 2012. It was his first time needing a porn pseudonym, so he chose Sean because he liked the name (and it was the name of his first crush) and Zevran after the name of a character from a game called Dragon Age. We love Sean’s stunning pair-up with Nick Sterling in Sexual Attention and the way they hungrily taste each other’s asses before fucking. Two years later, Sean has a hot nightclub threeway with the hunky Austin Wolf and Romeo Alfonso in Welcome to L.A.

After his Randy Blue contract ended, Sean became the first exclusive model ever signed to Falcon Studio Group’s hardcore Falcon Edge label. His first movie for the studio, Stunners was on a new level for the iconic studio, combining a somewhat darker aesthetic with the same high quality of men, production values, and fucking. Sean and Adam Ramzi start the show with a jaw-dropping flip-fuck. Sean’s other movies for Falcon Edge include Crave (topping Shawn Wolfe and Paul Wagner in two scenes) and Krossfire (bottoming for Sebastian Kross).

sean zevran, gay, porn, muscles, big dickFalcon also gave Sean his own showcase movie, My Big Fucking Dick: Sean Zevran, to showcase and celebrate his perfect meat. His costars include some of the most gorgeous of today’s stars, such as Brent Corrigan, Johnny V., and rising star Abraham al Malek.

One of Sean’s most visually striking scenes of all has to be with Dorian Ferro in Raging Stallion Studios’ Labyrinth. Their scene is a bit of a mind-fuck set in a dimly lit space that looks bigger than it is because of all the mirrors that make it look like there are an endless amount of Seans and Dorians sucking and fucking!

Hot House Entertainment has put Sean in some very kinky situations, including a blindfolded suck and fuck with Valentin Petrov under red lights for a scene in The Urge: Pound That Butt. Sean’s uninhibited give and take with Andrea Suarez in Submissive comes from a genuine place, their volcanic passion leading them to flip-flopping ecstasy.

When he’s not filming, Sean is often seen showcasing his moves as a go-go dancer. You can find him at the country’s biggest gay dance parties, including Dallas Purple Party, White Party Palm Springs, and White Party Miami. As an Andrew Christian model and an official Fleshjack Boy, Sean’s also gotten a lot of attention for his modeling career.

We have more than three dozen Sean Zevran movies for your viewing pleasure. Here are four of his greatest!