Series Review: Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers: The Banker (episode one), Jake Bass, Ricky Roman, Cockyboys, gay alt pornGorgeously shot man-on-man porn that wins awards as well as countless loads? We’re here for it!

Cockyboys’ Answered Prayers series, streaming exclusively on AEBN, is a miniseries of artistically erotic short films based on archetypal characters. These plot-driven vignettes are packed with gorgeous pleasures.

The Banker stars ridiculously hot Ricky Roman as the title character. Drowning in financial crises and personal troubles, he meets the mysterious, beautiful Jinks (Jake Bass). Jinks treats Ricky to many sensual, kinky delights. Ricky has to watch himself in a mirror while Jinks blows him, for example, and Jinks cuts Ricky’s clothes off with a pair of old-fashioned scissors that he keeps tucked into an armband like a steampunk barber. It’s highly stylized, with a cool erotic edge.

Although he looks like a tattooed twink, Jinks is actually an ancient demigod. He and his evilly inclined brother Moloch (Max Carter) are playing a high-stakes game with humanity.

As the title character of The Healer, Diesel Washington pushes back against his abusive employer, a malevolent politician (Chris Harder) called The Pundit. Diesel’s repressed resentment erupts into hot carnal aggression. After some of the most intense deep-throating ever filmed, Diesel feasts on the politician’s asshole with gusto, and finally releases all that anger with balls-deep power fucking.

The next pawn in Jinks and Moloch’s game is The Bully (Sebastian Caine), a TV preacher who’s been spewing vitriol in public while screwing his personal male massage therapist in private. While Moloch feeds on Caine’s fear and hate, Jinks grows weaker. Jinks calls on the Sons of Chaos—Puck, Luck, and Abel—to tempt the kinky Caine and publicly expose his hypocrisy. Moloch loses this round of the game.

The Ascension of the Lamb introduces a mysterious orphan simply called The Lamb (Max Ryder). Moloch takes him in and sends him to boarding school, where three classmates torment him so much he runs away. But Moloch captures The Lamb and locks him in an attic, where the bullies find him and make him their fuck toy. Answered Prayers: The Redeemer, Cockyboys, gay alt porn, Dean Monroe, Jake Bass, Levi Karter, Max CarterThis climactic group fuck features Max, Duncan Black, Jasper Robinson, and Frankie Valentine at their sexiest.

Moloch sends The Lamb to his father Seth in The Assumption of the Lamb. Seth grooms The Lamb for greatness, but no matter how powerful The Lamb becomes, it can’t undo the fears inside him nor stop his old bullies from resurfacing. But The Lamb triumphs over all who cross him, whether they’re mortal foes or even demigods themselves. The Lamb seduces, manipulates, and fucks to get anything he wants. Max Ryder (The Lamb) gives the performance of his career, as do Max Carter (Moloch) and the legendary Dean Monroe (Seth).

The Redeemer will bend your mind as it drains your balls. Jinks’ son Puck (Levi Karter) is summoned to inherit his unwanted legacy: he’s been chosen to guard the Tree of Knowledge. Before he can confront The Lamb, who murdered his father, Puck consults the banished Seth for guidance and they end up falling in deeply in lust. As their bond grows, so do their appetites for each other’s godly bodies.

In January 2015, Cockyboys released The Music Teacher as a bonus scene. The Son of Chaos named Cain (Duncan Black) gets a hot liaison with a music teacher (Saxon West) that fleshes out his back story. Jealous Cain studies the teacher’s movements, teaching methods, and sexuality in order to steal his talents.

Answered Prayers is the artistic and erotic achievement of director Jake Jaxson’s career so far, nominated for 10 Grabby Awards and winner of Cybersocket Movie of the Year 2015. You can stream it exclusively on AEBN, and look for the erotically and dramatically compelling conclusion, The Actor, soon!