Series Review: Cum Suckers

Cum Suckers 10With sizzling scenes of insatiable studs swallowing the precious white cream of other sexy men, the Cum Suckers series from Factory Video Productions has long been one of the hottest and most popular series in gay porn.

Released in October 2006, “Cum Suckers 10” remains the most popular installment of the series with our viewers. Just watch it and you’ll easily see why. You’ll be hooked on the way the movie puts you right there in the semen-slurping action for two hours. Like the rest of the series, it features amateur performers who are eager to satisfy their thirst.

When the series debuted in 2000, you could tell right away it was going to be a hit. The firstĀ “Cum Suckers” was and is a phenomenal collection of San Francisco cocksuckers taking champion loads in the face. Though they’re not professional porn stars, that doesn’t stop them from putting on very hot and wet oral performances, including deep throating. Other highlights from this sticky series include volume 8 and the latest installment as of this writing, volume 16. For the last couple of years, Factory has been releasing new Cum Suckers installments twice a year.

After 11 years, Cum Suckers is still going strong. We never get tired of watching these men swallow juicy cocks, and the way you hear every slurp and moan is a huge hard-on inducer. If you get off on blowjobs and cumshots, then you’re probably already well acquainted with these movies — but if you’re not yet, you should be!

Cum Suckers Cum Suckers 12 Cum Suckers 16

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