Series review, “Prison Boys,” Rock Candy Films

jessie colter, ty roderick, gay, porn, prison boys, psychotic cellieThe Prison Boys series from Rock Candy Films features gorgeous men in a familiar power struggle. As more domineering men see new boys walking through those barred doors, they lick their lips like hungry wolves. Shy and uncertain inmates won’t say no when their more seasoned, aggressive cellmates get horny. And when the lawyers and the guards get in on the action, there’s yet another power play for the twinks to experience. They never thought they would get this much action when they got thrown in jail, no matter how well everyone knows that it’s the prettiest boys and hottest men who are in the highest demand! Writer/director Nica Noelle found some of porn’s most attractive men for this quartet of vignettes.

adam russo, cutler x, prison boys, a prisoner's appeal for sex, gay, porn, rock candyPsychotic Cellie stars Ty Roderick and Jessie Colter. Ty is hot as hell and is used to taking any ass he wants. When he lays his eyes on his beautiful, shy cellmate Jessie Coulter for the first time, he knows it will be easy to own his hole. Jessie can’t help being turned on when Ty grabs him and takes charge. Ty likes to fuck rough and hard, dominating his bottom with choking and holds, but as young and fresh as Jessie may appear, he’s not so innocent. These two are both equally aroused and intense as they suck and fuck up against the brick wall and on the prison bed.

In A Prisoner’s Appeal for Sex, gorgeous Cutler X is meeting with his compassionate, handsome lawyer, Adam Russo. Cutler is trying to appeal his case, but he also finds Adam appealing. Adam is working pro bono, but what he’s getting out of this is something that no money can buy: a soulful connection with his client as their rimming and cock sucking lead into Cutler thrusting deep inside Adam’s ass. Their chemistry is utterly volcanic.trenton ducati, jessie colter, prison boys, dominant guard, hung felon, prison sex, rock candy films, porn, gay

Dominant Guard, Hung Felon stars Trenton Ducati as a hot daddy prison guard who has watched Ty take Jessie’s asshole for his own. The fact that Jessie has a big dick also didn’t escape Trenton’s notice! His arousal awakens his competitive streak. He’s sure that he can fuck Jessie even better than Ty did, and he sets out to prove that to himself as well as the gorgeous young inmate.

mike demarko, trenton ducati, prison boys, rock candy films, gay, porn, sadistic guardNow that he has experienced one hot prison boy’s hole, daddy Trenton has awakened his need for dominating the sexy young prisoners. In Sadistic Guard he takes out his more aggressive urges on Mike DeMarko, a cute rich boy who landed himself in prison and doesn’t know the first thing about life behind bars. Trenton gladly shows Mike who is in charge here, and money can’t buy the boy’s way out of becoming the sadistic guard’s bitch.

Packed with stunning men who fuck with passion and intensity, this series is a must see for anyone who gets off on prison porn. The vignettes have just enough of a plot to motivate the fucking… not that any horny man would need much motivation to have sex with these guys! Rock Candy’s new Prison Boys series is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ty Roderick   Jessie Colter    Cutler X   Adam Russo    Trenton Ducati   
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films 
Series:   Prison Boys