Series Review: Top Brass Military

Top Brass Military

Top Brass Military is just the right series for you if dog tags, muscles, and buzz cuts or shaved heads often figure prominently in your masturbatory fantasies. The great director Dirk Yates and top studio All Worlds Video, bring us a collection of the finest specimens in the modern military, sharing their most intimate moments with the camera. Lots of these guys say they’re straight (maybe bi-curious is a better way to describe it) and some of them are shown jerking it to straight porn, but in the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era, they are willing to lay it all on the line. The least we could do is honor their service with our loads, don’t you think?

Although some of these soldiers choose to perform solo, there are many who play well with others. In volume one, we have a range of good looking men who sometimes get so carried away they need to fuck their comrades. Volume four gives us even more — scene two is a five-guy circle jerk that has become the stuff of legend, and scene nine is a threeway that’ll have your cock saluting Top Brass Military Issue 4in its own messy way.

And of course, some of the hottest scenes of the series feature straight guys discovering man on man sex for the first time! One stud named Keith, seen in volume 3, blows an enormous load all over himself after getting sucked off by a guy for the first time (lucky Murdock gets to do the honors). In the same movie, the youthful spunk Tyler Cade brings his straight friend Chris Topher along for a fuck and the guys seem to be missing the tender touch of a lover, the way they kiss and fondle each other.Top Brass Military Issue 8

Now that we know what really goes on in the barracks, it’s going to be very difficult to avoid hitting on every single man we see in uniform. More difficult than it already is, of course. Who doesn’t love a military hunk who’s open-minded enough to make a gay porno? These are real, amateur fantasy guys on active duty. Just don’t blame us if you catch yourself hanging out at any bar near a military base you can find. 😉

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