Sexy Little Beast

Sexy Little BeastThe Maverick Men say that this video, Sexy Little Beast, received the most comments of any they’ve ever posted on their site. Considering their legion of devoted fans, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Minh is the hot piece of ass who inspired the video title. Cole and Hunter have a mind-blowing session with the “sexy little fuck beast,” as they call him. This Asian cutie is compact and ripped, hot and sweet like chile-lime mango, and down for a hard-driving threeway with two of the best-known amateur gay porn producers in the world. He deep-throats his new Daddies and gives them everything he has. Throughout this aggressive, raw, dirty scene, Minh’s submissive energy and ecstatic moans are a great turn-on. Even the initial moment of penetration alone could have you losing your load.

Sexy little Minh made the Maverick Men laugh, he made them smile, and his tight ass made them cum. They had such great sex with Minh and connected with him so well that they thought about keeping him there with them indefinitely and turning him into their “perfect snuggle/slam puppy.” You’ll probably want to do the same thing after seeing this bright, laid-back little horndog in action.

Running Time:   42 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions
Director:   Maverick Man
Stars:   Cole Maverick   Minh   Hunter “Maverick Man”   The Maverick Men
Categories: Amateur   Asian   New Release   Interracial   Bareback   Anal   DILF

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